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Emergency kit for brides on their Wedding Day By Makeup Artist Kriti DS

Neha Garg, 15 Dec 2015

We all know how much it takes to plan a wedding. We work for weeks and months for this one day of our life and want that to be just perfect. From our outfits to jewelry to shoes, everything should be just faultless. When the big day finally arrives, you’ve probably thought through every single detail a million times over to avoid any wedding day mishaps.. Makeup Artist Kriti DS, put together these items that will help the bride get through any emergency she might face on her very special day,  because a prepared bride is a happy bride! :-)

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Tissue Papers

Just in case if you spill something on yourself or if you cry, you will surely need this.

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A bride should keep a lipstick matching to her outfit colors for the touch up before or after her entrance.

A Compact Powder


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A compact helps you to freshen your makeup and it also absorbs the oil, if any. So keep it along, you never know when you would need it.


If you are going to cry, we don't want you to remove your eye makeup by rubbing something on that. So there this Q tip work wonders. It also helps you remove any particle which is in your eyes and is troubling you.

Safety Pins

You will need this if you want to adjust something in your outfit. This is one of the most important things and you might need it at any time of the event.

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31 From stray hair to splinters, you never know when you'll need these quick helpers.

Chewing Gum/Breath Mints

A Chewing gum or any refreshment, this should also be kept as a priority because of the obvious reason.

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Keep your medicines with you which you eat on a regular basis. Also keep a medicine, if in case you get a headache because of these tiring and no sleep days.

Band Aid


View Shaadisaga Store of KRITI DS Now this can happen to any girl. A shoe-bite! Your shoes can ditch you on your wedding day, for that, keep a band aid handy, so you don’t have to run for one.

Sanitary Pads

In case you have a percent doubt even, keep this in your kit. You never know if you get that girly problem the very last minute.

A Strong Glue

I have seen so many brides breaking their jewelry at the last moment. So keep a strong glue which can even fix your Broken shoe heel!

Deodorant or Perfume


This is going to be a long day, I mean really long. Applying perfume or any form of fragrance would make sure you smell good throughout the wedding ceremony. Hence, it's a must for your bridal kit. Picture Credits: KRITI DS Click Here to Read: 16 Best and Very Talented Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi