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Easy Peasy Holi Skincare Tips for Every Bride-to-be

Shivani Malhotra, 01 Mar 2018

It’s celebration time- aka- Holi time and also the wedding season is around the corner. They're wedding pouring in the month April and May and you know you're vulnerable if you're soon to be a bride. With all the family and friends going crazy to celebrate you last Holi with them, you deep down know they won't show any mercy. No girl wants to get allergic or break out just weeks before her big day. We feel your concern and so we've compiled some quick tips that will help you walk through the festival of colours with ease.

1. Oiling should NOT be an option

Firstly, DO NOT wash your hair a day before or on the day of Holi as it'll leave your scalp exposed ultimately making it vulnerable to chemicals present in the colours. Holi is the only time when you can proudly go out with oiled hair. Oil it before an hour using any of the following: olive, almond, coconut, amla. Wear bandana and you’re perfect to go out!

2. Apply Nail Paint

Skip your manicure sessions before Holi because you can't any way protect them on Holi. All you are required to do is apply 2-3 coats of nail paint on nails of both hands and feet. This will prevent your nails from ruining with Holi colours. 

3. Wear Light. Play Easy.

Avoid using any makeup and instead, slap a lot of sunscreen on your face and exposed body parts. Wear sunglasses and apply Vaseline to protect your lips. Try not wearing denims or any heavy duty clothing as they may end up leaving rashes on your skin. Wear breathable materials like cotton and khadi instead. Wear long-sleeved clothes that show the least of your skin so that whatever colour is applied is not exposed to the skin. Avoid bleaching facial hair or retouching your hair colour at that span. Keep all your salon appointments post-Holi. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water can actually help to remove and release lot chemicals that has been consumed while playing Holi. Heavy eating can be digested with help of drinking water.       

5. Do yourself a favour: Play organic!

After baba Ramdev revolution of promoting organic stuff, no wonder we’re engaging more and more organic. Buy organic gulals which will harmless on your skin and can be easily removed. Oil soaked in skin will form a protective layer on the skin so that no stain and no rashes will be left on your skin. Don’t forget to put on the waterproof sunscreen and say BYE-BYE tanning.

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6. Use home remedies post the celebration

Make a homemade mixture of besan(gram flour) with milk with a pinch of turmeric powder with lemon juice and use it to scrub off the colour and restore the skin in its natural form. Do not use harsh soaps to rub off the colour as it will leave your skin irritated. 

Play safe Holi brides and take care of your skin!