Dreams Do Come True When They Are Taylor Made: A Love Saga of Alisha & Glen

Neha Garg, 22 May 2015

Read the exclusive love story of two beautiful souls.

The love story in Alisha's words: They say the universe acts in strange ways and it sure did. A few weeks before I bumped into Glen, Juhi (someone I grew up with) and I were sitting and having coffee. We began talking about Glen and she mentioned that he was back in town. Glen and I always knew of each other, but it was only in 2011 when he came back from Dubai did we touch base. We exchanged a couple of texts, but that was it…. I walked into the Club one evening and I saw Glen and for some strange reason I had the broadest smile on my face.  After that we texted a lot more than we did before, when we planned on meeting for coffee, I immediately texted Juhi and asked her if that was a good idea. “It’s Glen, what’s the worst that can happen, go for coffee’ was her reply. Little did she and I know that by the end of 2011 Glen and I would be dating and by December 2014 we’d be getting married. The Proposal: In 2013 I flew to England for my cousin's wedding and wasn’t too excited about being away from Glen for more than a month. A few days before the wedding, my mums phone rang and it was an unfamiliar UK number but the voice made me ecstatic. Glen planned the surprise with my parents and flew down for the wedding, ever since he’s been a bag of surprises. Since Glen is a huge football fan and his favorite team is Manchester United, he surprised me with tickets to a Manchester Chelsea game at old Trafford. Not being a football fan and going for the match was one thing, but he then proposed that we do the stadium tour the next day. The day of the tour had a disastrous start, I bought ballet flats and breaking into them was bad, I had shoe bites and my feet were killing me. All I wanted was for this stupid tour to end and get myself some band aids. The tour guide showed us the time capsule which is located pitch side which stores the club memorabilia. After taking the usual pictures at the pitch side, I turned around to leave and get myself some first aid and noticed Glen wasn’t by my side and instead he was calling me back to the pitch. By this time I was absolutely infuriated because of the pain, but when I turned around I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. He was on one knee on the capsule and had what looked like a ring in this hand. I was gob smacked. I was so shocked I remember saying WHAT twice when he asked me to marry him and then the third time realized what he was saying before saying YES; I couldn’t stop giggling after that. After getting engaged we drove down to the cliffs of Dover and did our save the date shoot. Wedding Date and Destination - December 18th – December 21st. South Goa 18th December – Alisha’s Roce: A Roce is typically a Mangalorean tradition of the blessing of the bride by elders of the family  wherein they anoint her with coconut oil and milk which is followed by dinner. Though I wanted to keep with the tradition, I also wanted it to be as informal as possible and fun as it was the start of the wedding weekend. We had the Roce with the sunset and beach as our backdrop at a shack called ‘ Zeebop by the Sea’  The attire was shorts and t-shirts;  the t-shirts were customized and provided to all the guests. For the formal anointing by the elders of the family, I wore my mother’s wedding sari. After which I changed and my brother along with my cousins and friends made sure I smelt like a fish; as I had eggs broken on me, beer and milk and topped it with dry fish. My bridesmaid had a hard time getting all the nonsense out of my hair. 20th Decemeber, Wedding Day: Our wedding mass was at a gorgeous 17th Century Portuguese church. We stumbled upon The Holy Cross Church, Calvelossim and both Glen and I fell in love with it. The chandelier, the pulpit for the violinist, the pipe organ, balcony for the choir, everything about it was pulled out of a movie.  Right from the vintage Aston Martin which took me to church to the violinist playing Gabriel’s Obe while I was down the aisle and Hava Nagila when Glen and I left church everything was perfect.  After mass, the guests were transported to the Holiday Inn for high tea while the bridal party went down to the beach for our sunset photo shoot. Travelling from the church to the beach was a lovely ride because we  put the hood down and had the wind through our hair while driving down the winding roads. It was such a lovely feeling because people were waving and smiling at the sight of us, apparently a bride and groom in an open top car isn’t a regular site in the South. After our photo shoot we headed for our reception which was on the lawns of the Holiday Inn overlooking the beach. Everything about it was a surprise to me. For months leading up to the wedding, I constantly pestered Glen to show me the designs of the set for our reception and every time he refused to do so. Before we made our way to the reception, all the bridesmaid kept saying it looks like it’s been pulled out of a fairy tale  and I was dying to sneak a peep, but Glen refused to let me do so. He kept telling me to hold on for a little longer and boy was I glad, I did so. I remember stepping out of the car and being completely blown away. The fairy lights, the scaffolding, the disco ball, everything looked like it was pulled out of a dream. This time, Glen really did take my breath away. Just when I thought, he outdid himself. I saw guests with sparklers at the entrance, our monogram on the dance floor, which was lit up and fireworks during our cake cutting and first dance. I was in complete shock. I’m still astonished as to how he managed to plan all that alone.  We had a live band Radio Culture who flew down from Dubai; they were a band that Glen had a soft corner for as he used to use them in Dubai for his events.  The biggest surprise of the evening was Glen getting up on stage and singing, dedicating a song to me - Never ever expected that one. 21st December: To end the weekend, Glen and I hosted a lunch for everyone who came for the wedding at the Fisherman’s Wharf. After lunch Glen and I went back into our wedding attire (gown and suit) for our photo shoot. I always mentioned to Glen the idea of a trash the dress photo shoot, it not only gave me a chance to wear my gown for the second time, but we could immortalize the moment with a collection of playful snapshots before I put the dress away in a box in my closet. Bhushan proposed the idea of an underwater shoot and without any hesitation it was on the charts. . I will let his pictures speak for themselves!!

The Photographer Bhushan on the Couple: I have known Glen from many years, but met Alisha just before the wedding. She was the definition of an 'Anti-Bridezilla' if there is such a thing. Shooting weddings and innovating for couples to be pictured together, often gives you a sense of the people they really are. It was a privilege to be a part of their wedding day. But the best part is when you end up becoming great friends with really great people, that's what happened with Alisha. This will remain as one of those many reasons why this wedding is close to my heart.

Wedding Attire Bride: Prince Lace Wedding Gown by Elan Design Studio Groom: Suit stitched by Chandru, someone who’s been stitching Glen’s suit since he was in his teens Thanking people: There is a never ending list, but to  our wonderful parents, family, friends and most importantly, our fabulous bridal party, thank you for contributing in your own way  to this wonderful memory that Glen and I have. On my loving husband, Glen: After we climbed up the Effile tour

Print Glen…. Words won’t ever do justice to how I felt on our wedding day, ‘it was Taylor Made’. I’m still blown away by how you managed to pull the whole thing together. For all the little things that went unnoticed and the big things that mattered, thank you. Thank you for being my mentor, pillar of constant support and always trying to bring out the best in me. Most of all, thank you for being you; a wonderful, radiant, selfless soul.

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Sabrina, The Makeup Artist on our Bride, Alisha: She is a very sweet and amazing person by heart. She was nervous at first, but was trusting enough to let me do everything. She was patient enough to try her look and I must say, she looked gorgeous on her wedding day. I wish her all the happiness in life.

Alisha & Glen's Wedding Album

Alisha's Roce Wedding Day

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 Alisha on the Photographer: Bhushan Bagadia is the epitome of creativity who has a precise eye for capturing every fleeting moment. Everything about him screams fun, happiness and a bag of laughter. Every time we met Bhushan to talk about the details of the wedding, Glen and him would get sidetracked and reminisce old times (Glen and Bhushan have known each other for over a decade) but we always parted ways with him saying ‘ whatever you want, however  outrageous it seems in your head, we can do it during the photo shoot’ and that’s exactly what he did. He made us ever so comfortable during the underwater shoot, ran into the sea with us to get the perfect shots and was always ready behind his lenses working his magic. Having Bhushan as our photographer gave us wedding pictures which takes us back in time and allows us to relive every single memory.

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Alisha on her Makeup Artist: Right from my first meeting with Sabrina, I knew I was in the right hands.  She constantly made sure I was comfortable with what she was doing and made the whole experience memorable.  While Sabrina was doing my makeup I was overwhelmed with emotion and she calmed me down with our little talks. Sabrina, thank you for making me look and feel gorgeous.

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Underwater Shoot

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Manchester Chelsea Match

Thank You Alisha for talking your heart out in such a wonderful way, Shaadisaga wishes you and Glen a very happy married life full of love and surprises!