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Dreading the D-Day? 5 Sure-Shot Ways to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Veethi Telang, 05 Nov 2015

It feels as if you’re on a movie set. The family members, with tears rolling down their faces, look like they’ve heard the world’s worst news. And, you, you can no longer think straight. “I can’t do it” is all you chant, repeatedly. And, every time you say it out loud, you only believe it to be truer than it was before. Yes, I’ve been a part of that scene. Trust me, it’s not pretty. You question your decision-making, your family’s irrevocable support, and most importantly, your love for the person you’re bid to wed. It all gets so overpowering, everything looks like it’s falling apart. Weddings in our country are a big, fat affair with so many people involved, and so many hopes pinned on you two. I would say it’s natural to feel frightened days before the D-day, but I’d also add that there are ways you can address that. Just keep an open mind, will you?

Find out what about the wedding is stressing you


Believe me, I’ve met brides whose biggest cause of stress is not what comes after the wedding, but the wedding itself! The slew of functions in an Indian wedding is enough to frighten the bejeezus out of anyone. It’s all so overwhelming. In that case, delegate the tasks, put your pressure on someone else. It’s your wedding, after all! If, however, there’s something else that’s causing you stress, figure out the root of it. And, address it accordingly.

Take every moment as it comes


Sometimes, it’s best to leave tomorrow out of the scenario. Cross the bridge when you come to it. For now, simply focus on the proceedings, and revel in them. Yes, it’s an important step you’ve taken in life. But, ruining the present by unnecessarily focusing on what might happen tomorrow will only kill the mood of you and your loved ones.

Sneak out for a quick smoke/beer (what? Why the judgy eyes?)


Oh, come on! Don’t we all do that? We all have our own stress-busting solutions. When it all gets a little too much, grab your bestie and take an hour or two off to step out and have some fun. Remember to not talk about what’s going to happen, and just have a nice time. This way, when you resume the preps, you’ll do it with a fresher state of mind. Chances are, you’ll even forget what’d been bothering you in the first place.

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Speak out in front of your best friend. Or Mom


Is it really serious? Talk it out. Don’t keep it to yourself for that will only add to your stress and ruin the most important day of your life. If what’s irking you from within is something too significant to ignore, tell it to the closest person in your family who you can talk your heart out to. To have second thoughts about a decision as huge as this commands a second opinion. They will not only be able to help you but assure you that it’s natural to feel this way. Regardless of the cause of the jitters, they’ll be there by your side to tell you that you’re not alone, and that you have their full support.

Go through with the wedding anyway


Debatable? Hardly. We aren’t living in the 19th century where you weren’t even asked twice for your thoughts. If you’ve said yes to something – and if you’ve dragged your issue all the way till the wedding day – it’s your duty to go through with the wedding that involves not just you and your fiancé, but two hopeful families. What’s more, unless the issue that’s causing you stress is an absolute deal-breaker, you must know that this is a passing feeling, and will fade away with time. This way, no matter how bothered you are for the time-being, you know that it’s not really that big a deal.

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