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Don't Know Which Wedding Vendors to Hire? We've Got Them SS Assured For You

ShaadiSaga, 13 Oct 2017

Ask any millennial and they'll enlighten you with what the most desirable 'Blue Tick' means on social media.

But if you're living under a rock, let us explain it to you - It basically means the account is verified and the information comes from a trustworthy source.

You must be wondering why are we suddenly educating you with this information?

The reason is simple because we have recently launched ShaadiSaga Assured Vendor Programme, which means wedding vendors available on our platform have a 'Blue Tick' next to their names.

What does it mean?

While you're planning the best of the best things for your big day, we want to assure that we too provide the best to you without compromising on the quality! Blue Tick basically means they're verified and most trusted vendors on our website who have consistently offered great services so far to couples. We have worked with these vendors over the past few years extensively and can proudly say, they'll never disappoint you as they're ready to go an extra mile to make your wedding even more special. 

Here comes the good news:

- They'll provide you with the best prices in the market EVER! So no bargaining and negotiations, we have done everything for you!

- Top class service guaranteed from them, so no more insane number of calls to and fro to check for on-time deliverables.

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- These vendors are quick and responsive, happy to help and discuss your needs and requirements.

And if you think we're exaggerating, pick any SS assured vendor and see for yourself the amazing things other couples are saying about them.

You can book any SS Assured Vendor by clicking, here.


If you're a vendor reading this, here's how you can CLAIM YOUR BADGE/ or give us a call on 9821396881

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