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10+ DIY Mehendi Favours To TRY At Home For Your Intimate Wedding!

Shweghna Gursahaney, 24 May 2020

If you’re one of those quarantine brides then it’s time to give up the sulking, buckle up your shoes and get to work. We suggest that no time will be better than the time you have in quarantine to plan and make things happen for your wedding. After all, this is the time to prepare for your wedding planning! 

So to begin with, one of the big tasks which you can get off your shoulders right now is to do a little DIY and create the most unique and cute mehendi favours for your guests. To give you a little push, we put on our thinking caps and came up with a list of super-easy mehendi favours for you guys to try at home for your #intimatewedding!

DIY Mehendi Favours For Guests

Create Fun Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the easiest favour one can create. You literally just need paper, colorful pens and your imagination to fabricate something which can be used for years to come. If you’re one hell of a traveller then cut out maps to create bookmarks or you can always take the classic route and simply use some brown paper and write famous quotes or something you wanna say to your guests. The options are so, so many y’all! 

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Source Pinterest

Coasters For The Win

A coaster is something that is very practical to gift and easy to create. If you’re going for a vintage vibe for your mehendi favours, we would recommend trying the wooden or the burlap coasters. Or, you can always opt for the cutesy heart-shaped cardboard coasters. But, if you want a tad bit fancy, you should definitely try your hand at the acrylic or the epoxy resin coasters. People, your guests will find this to be the most unique favour and you would no longer have to spend a bomb. A total win-win!

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Customize The Favour Bags

With all this free time, why stop at only the favours when you can even create your favour bags? All you need to do is find some burlap, brown paper, markers, and a sheet of paper to recreate paper/burlap bags similar to these. Girls, we promise, by doing this your mehendi favours are going to be remembered for years to come!

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Or, Make Them From Scratch! 

One thing that can be easily available at your home or your nearby area is a jute bag. Go and grab some jute bags and cute them into small pieces to make tiny jute potli bags out of them. Post that, add tons of colourful pom-poms and tassels to make a pretty mehendi favour for your loved ones. PS: Add DIY tassel earrings, bangles, and handcrafted mirrors in your jute potli bags as shown-below! 

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Dry Flowers To Express Love

Almost all the happy moments have the incorporation of flowers in one way or the other and your wedding should be no different. To express your joy, you can always dry various colorful flowers at home to create a cheap, easy, and meaningful mehendi favour for your guests. It’s perfect for home decoration and every time your close ones will look at these dry flowers, they’re gonna fondly think of you!

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Source Pinterest

DIY Games Over Everything Else

The most fun D.I.Y you can create for your guests during this quarantine is a board game or puzzle. All you need is a plain Jenga, wooden puzzle board and some markers. Write fun things or memories for your guests so that every time they play these games at home, you’re all they have in mind.

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Source Pinterest

Candles & Soaps That Smells So GOOD!

Girls if you’re super creative then we know you must have once or tried giving candles or soap making a shot. If you’re nodding your head then this is the ideal mehndi favour you can create for your guests. Make sure to use those nice smelling oils and aromas to make your friends and family go gaga. Oh, and do not forget to brand these with your wedding details!

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Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Earrings & Bangles That Are Everyone's FAV! 

Hey! If you find making candles and soaps a little tough, don't worry cos we something that you'll love making during lockdown for your mehendi! One of the most loved mehendi favours among guests is earrings and bangles. From tassel earrings to pom-pom bangles, make these beauties for your fun mehendi function! 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who is The Beautiful of Them All!

Let's admit that mirrors are our best friends. Take out some old fabrics, beads, and glitter glue them on your mirror. And, Tadaa! Your DIY mirrors with intricate patterns are ready as your mehendi favours! 

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DIY: Make Fresh Fruit Jams For Your Guests!  

Are you a jam person? We love this cute and delicious homemade apricot jam that is perfect to gift as a mehendi favour! If you're not a big fan of apricots you can pick fresh strawberries, blueberries, or even mango for your homemade jam! Also, fill in your jam in jars, and don't forget to include your #weddinghashtag on it! 

Chocolates With Bride & Groom Sketch! 

Do you love sketching? Then, take out your pen & paper and draw yourself and your bae together and wrap them around your chocolates to make it look quirky as a mehendi favour! 

A Cute Combo For Foodie Guests! 

Food. The soul of any occasion and especially it's your wedding day. If you wish to keep it simple and delicious, then grab some jute baskets and include your favourite food items to gift as favours! 

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Final Words From ShaadiSaga

We know how tough it can be to not be able to meet your other half or having to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 but we at Shaadi Saga want nothing more than our wedding party to be at their best versions right now. We have tons of solutions and tips which you can try right now at home to make your wedding an even better affair than you had planned before. 

Learn your wedding choreography during this free time or learn all that there is to know about the eye makeup you can opt for on your special day. We promise you’ll come out stronger than ever after this pandemic ends! 

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So which was your favourite D.I.Y mehendi favour? Tell us in the comments section below guys!