Brides if you are all set to tie the knot in an intimate winter wedding, then we know you have lots of planning and preps happening right now, and, one of the major areas where you must be putting a lot of your energy is the decor department. The decor is crucial at a wedding and that’s why we have found an amazing decor idea which is quirky and will not put a hole in your wallet. Yes, ladies, we are talking about DIY chalkboard signs that you can have at your upcoming winter wedding. These are super fun, easy-to-do and so creative that all of your guests are going to steal this idea! 

So, without further delay let's check out these best DIY chalkboard decor ideas for your close-knit wedding. 

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Chalkboards At The Entry

One of the best ways to welcome your guests to your intimate wedding ceremony is by having chalkboards right at the entry. The chalkboard can have a fun thing written on them or maybe can have your cute love story. Basically, have the best lines ready for the chalkboard at the entry because that’s exactly from where all your guests will start noticing the wedding decor!

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Chalkboards At The Bar

Another great place where you can incorporate the chalkboard is at the bar. Your chalkboards can lead people towards the bar, can have the name of the drinks or can have funny quotes around drinks. And, if you need inspiration, we say that you simply scroll below! 

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Chalkboards For The Wedding Favors

If you plan on having wedding favours then you gotta have chalkboards to point your guests to its direction. It's another fun element to add at your winter wedding if you want to make it a little quirky. Again, it is very cheap to make and yet looks so nice that you have to have it at your wedding. And, if you’re looking for some inspiration, then we say just scroll below! 

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Chalkboards Here And There 

If the idea of chalkboards excites you then why not have them placed in empty corners at your wedding? You can add fun quotes, jokes or a guide to help people understand your wedding venue a little better. This will turn out so well that you will, later on, be happy to use chalkboards! 

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D.I.Y Chalkboard Signs To Have At Your Intimate Winter Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

D.I.Y Chalkboard Signs To Have At Your Intimate Winter Wedding