Diwali Checklist: 5 Things You Should Do To Impress Your In-Laws

Sanchita Kalra, 27 Oct 2016

Marriage is considered to be every girl's new chapter (Yes, I know I know, the same goes for guys too!). There are so many new changes that you need to adapt to and also juggle between a lot of your regular activities throughout the day. Like waking up early, making your own bed, getting back from work early to be with the 'new' family and ultimately helping your mother-in-law with the family chores at the end of the day! Well, these are not the only guidelines and habits that would be expected out of you to be the perfect 'sanskari bahu', we do have a list of things you should definitely keep in mind as a newly-wed on your very first DIWAAAALLII with your in-laws!

#1 Wake Up Early Yes, I know it's hard but it is the most important thing and you cannot deny that.  I am aware of the fact that this year, Diwali is on a Sunday which means the only off day you might have after a non-stop six-day busy schedule. But let me tell you, it's ok to give up on sleep. When we can party all night and make it to work on time the next morning, I am sure waking up early on the day of Diwali won't be that difficult either. And don't forget, you'll get brownie points for this!

#2 Greet Everyone Touch your elders feet and seek blessings. You might not do this every day but these small gestures inevitably hold a great importance on such big occasions. And if you have a really big fat Punjabi family, make sure you have an ointment by your side at night! (Just kidding!)

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#3 Gifts, Gifts and Gifts! After all, who doesn't love presents? Before hand, make a list of all the members of your new family and surprise them with a gift on Diwali. Want to make it more personalised? Send out handwritten notes with every gift. They are bound to create that personal touch.

#4 Be The Boss and Make The Arrangements Waking up early is not the only nicest gesture you can do! Get dressed and get started with decorating the house. Take in charge and make all the necessary arrangements if you have guests coming over and have enough entertainment (cards, tambola and other games) for the night. Make sure you are not just a part of dinner preparations but everything else too.

#5 The Most Important - Revise Diwali Aarti Haven’t we all have seen our moms and grandma’s reciting the aarti every year on Diwali. But this year, take a plunge and learn all the aartis before and participate while your mom-in-law recites! Yay. More brownie points ;-)

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We Wish You A Very Happy Diwali!