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Destination Wedding :-Pros & Cons

Ridham Gambhir, 21 Oct 2014


When Kaveri and Pranav decided to tie the knot, they did not want their once-in a lifetime moment to go about the usual way. They chose something which we all popularly call as the Destination Wedding. They had their Big Fat Punjabi Wedding in the sunny yet cool weather of Goa.

As we all know, Goa is quite a picturesque location and getting married in a Punjabi style with all the mehandi , haldi and those typical ladies sangeet can be awesome. This destination wedding witnessed a pool party which was 24X7 on (with free beer) and the bride’s sister voluntarily became the DJ! Most of their events were themed events which gave quite an interesting look to the whole party. Both the families mingled so well, that it was difficult to distinguish the ladki waalas from the ladke waalas.With ladies busy in their rituals, the guys had all the time to loaf around and play a game or two. And if all this is accompanied with a good candid photography...aahan..zindagi safal ho gayi maano!

My sister- my favourite host !!!

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So clearly Destination wedding is an exciting option but let’s discuss its pros and cons. Pros: • Since it is a destination wedding, the guest list becomes shorter and the wedding becomes cost effective. • Ladies, if your child is getting married in a resort, you won’t have to search for a maid or keep hovering around your halwai to keep a check on him. Destination  wedding can be a relaxing option for our 'Ladies' • With both the families living under the same roof, the fun automatically doubles and so does the romance! (I mean you lovers can obviously dip your feet in the pool  nearby and share your mushy talks) • Great pictures and a lifetime experience! Cons: • With a wedding venue set so far, some of your loved ones might not travel this much. • Marrying in a different country might raise a difficulty regarding your marriage registry. poolside-fire-pit

Get married in an exotic place is surely exciting but may not be suitable for everyone. So weigh these pros and cons and think for yourself. Destination weddings surely give you a lifetime experience and those great HD pictures to don your wall but at the same time you have to lose your pocket a lot for such a marriage and may have to face those ‘family politics’ between people who were a part of the wedding and those who weren’t. To name a few places, Goa, Kerala, Udaipur and Srinagar are some beautiful places for this purpose. Wedding is a special event which all your loved ones want to be part of, so think wisely and plan nicely.