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This year is all about embracing the trend of intimate weddings and if you are going all the way out to have a safe wedding then why not make and bake desserts too at home to be at the safest? And the best part about making and baking at home? You can tweak the recipe to your guests’ liking and it would seem so much more personal than having desserts that are bought. If this idea excites you, we say you scroll below and find 20+ desserts that you can incorporate on your big day! 

Best Desserts For Your Intimate Wedding

Pomegranate & Berry Popsicles 

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Pomegranate and Berry are two such ingredients which work magically together. So, if you want something fresh, cold and easy to serve, go with this recipe. It’s refreshing, unique and your guests won’t be able to keep their hands off this dessert. 

Bounty Bars

A fan of everything coconuts? If yes, then you gotta have the super tasty and easy to make bounty bars. These are covered in chocolate and you only need three ingredients to make this. Talk about convenient huh?

Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

Cupcakes at your intimate wedding are a smart choice cuz these can be made in bulk together and be served to all the guests so easily. All you have to do is bake 5-6 of these cupcake batches and you have your wedding dessert prepared in no time. And of course, the plus point is that these taste great!!

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

If your to-be-husband is a big fan of chocolate brownies, then you should include these no eggs and no maida chocolate brownies. Not only will you be serving something healthy but you’ll also be making your other half extremely happy!

Non-fried Gulab Jamun

We’ve all had fried gulab jamun growing up but why not serve your guests the non-fried ones at your intimate wedding? You say you haven’t ever had a non-fried one!? Well, with this recipe you’re gonna be a pro at making these and your guests are gonna fall in love with the dessert at your wedding! 

Mango Ice Cream

There’s literally nobody who doesn’t like ice creams and who can say no to a fresh homemade mango ice cream? Mangoes are so refreshing and well-liked that you have to have these at your intimate wedding. And the best part? This recipe only requires three ingredients! 

Strawberry Cheesecake Shots

This dessert is another great option for you to make for your intimate wedding guys. Not only is this extremely delicious but is so fun to make. The freshness of this recipe will make your guests fall in love with your special day and make it a worthwhile affair. 

Chocolate Pudding 

Ladies, you shouldn’t think twice before adding this recipe to your dessert menu on your wedding day cuz you can simply prepare it a day or two in advance and focus on other things. Again, we’ve found a super easy recipe which doesn’t require much effort and is gonna be loved by all the guests! 


I think everyone has grown up eating custard so it is natural that you should have this dessert at your wedding to give your guests a little nostalgic moment. You can make heaps of custard without putting too much time in the preparation with this super simple recipe. Ladies, we promise that everybody is gonna be head over heels for this! 

Walnut Granola Bars

Looking for healthy dessert options? Pick these walnut granola bars then. Tastes great, easy to whip up and so good for everyone’s health that you’d literally be doing a favour for your guests by serving them. And we promise they’re all gonna want the recipe once they have a bite of these bars.

Sugar-Free Rasmalai

Want to have Indian desserts on your wedding day cuz no other cuisine’s dessert makes you feel satisfied? We say try your hand at this sugar-free rasmalai. You’ll find that there are no sweeteners or sugar used in this recipe; just jaggery, which is good for your health. 

No-Bake Chocolate Tarts

If we move past the recipes which require baking, we come across this gooey and decadent no-bake chocolate tart. Filled with hints of coffee, melted chocolate and biscuit crumbs- this is an ultimate dessert option to go with for your big day. 

Rasmalai Cake

We gave you an option to make sugar free rasmalai and we’re giving another great option if you’re in the mood to whip up something extremely creative and different. Yes, we’re talking about a rasmalai cake you all. You can add lots of flavours to this recipe and have your guests rave over it for years! 

Fruit Cake

Want a cake at your wedding but sick of the flavour chocolate? Go with this recipe of a fruit cake and have your guests be smitten with it. Masterchef Pankaj is making it with you and walking you step by step with what needs to be done, guys. I mean, how fun and easy is that!?

Eggless Coffee Walnut Cake

Coffee lover and want to somehow incorporate it in your wedding? Simply make an eggless coffee walnut cake with this healthy recipe that we have for you. Not only are you serving your guests something healthy but giving them something super tasty without having to make them go through a risk.

Peanut Butter Bars

Another healthy recipe to bring out everyone’s inner child at your intimate wedding by making bars made out of peanut butter. Gooey, soft and delicious for the mouth, this dessert is gonna turn out to be sensational at your wedding! 

Chocolate Banana Pudding

First and foremost, this pudding has no butter and little cream so your guests can binge on this as much as they like. Secondly, it’s so unique and light that it will turn out to be a hit at your wedding especially if you add some whipped cream and a cherry to it. 

Stuffed Mango Kulfi

Give your guests a taste of everything tasty of Delhi by creating stuffed mango kulfi at home. Since mangoes are soon gonna go out of season, this will be the last mango dish they might have until next year so let’s make it something they’ll remember for a lifetime now, shall we? 

Boondi Ladoo

If you want your guests to have their mouths open when they see the dessert area, you have to have boondi ladoos. People think this Indian delicacy is difficult to pull off but with this recipe ladies, everyone will know you’re a super wife and a super chef. Husband and guests- both happy! 

Choco Lava Cake

Remind people what it’s like to have a mouth-watering choco lava cake by creating one with this kickass recipe. It’s tried by 100s of people and has almost always turned out to be perfect so why not have something so inviting at your wedding? We promise people are not gonna move from the dessert bar once they spot this dessert. 

Ghee Mysore Pak Mithai

Mysore Pak is famous all across India so why not make your guests get a taste of this at your wedding? With this recipe, your mithai will be ready with just three ingredients and your wedding day will turn out to be a day everyone is gonna cherish cuz you’ll be making this lip-smacking mithai for them!


So what all desserts out of these are you gonna try at your intimate wedding? Tell us in the comments section below!

Make & Bake These 21 Easy-To-Make Desserts For Your Intimate Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Make & Bake These 21 Easy-To-Make Desserts For Your Intimate Wedding!