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These Sabyasachi-inspired Wedding Cakes are a thing to Fancy!

Anupriya Khanna, 28 Oct 2018

A Sabyasachi lehenga has forever been an eye candy for almost every Indian woman. Which is why we're sure most of you Sabyasachi lovers must be planning on wearing his designed lehenga on your wedding day but how about having a Sabyasachi bride inspired wedding cake too? Yes, you read that right!

We came across this Delhi-based baking genius, Ipshita Mazumdar (the founder of The Hot Pink Cake Studio) who creates edible Sabyasachi brides that look freakin' real (and are scrumptious). 

The magician-like lady traces minutest of elements like the bride's lehenga pleats, the embroidery and even the intricate jewels on her cakes with sheer perfection. And you've gotta see them all!

This mesmerizing Sabyasachi inspired red lehenga cake topper is making our hearts flutter on repeat. Inner feels- *How would one ever eat a cake as beautiful as this?!*

This bride and groom cake topper was inspired by yet another Sabyasachi couple.

And here comes our favorite one!

This huge one with an Indian bride and groom sitting on a couch at the top tier and a lot of other Indian motifs at the bottom bagged the first prize at the Cakeology 2018 Showstopper Competition. (It's indeed one tall, beautiful cake!)

Apart from Sabyasachi bride cake toppers, Ipshita also makes some phenomenal personalized wedding cakes for couples. Here's one that she created for a bride on behalf of her lovely groom. 

Another one where the groom asked to replicate his girl's dress on their engagement cake.

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Looking at her cakes and the minutest details with which she creates them, one is bound to fall in love and instantly hire her for their wedding. If you too want to get yours done, wait no more and book her now! She needs at least a week's notice to create a detailed one like these Sabyasachi bride cake toppers and other personalized ones.


Your thoughts on these Sabyasachi bride-inspired wedding cakes?