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19 Fun Things to Buy Online for Bachelorette Party Decor + Prices

Medha Chawla, 03 Apr 2019

Are you tired of seeing a lot of fancy bachelorette party ideas on your social media feeds and being clueless about how to plan one for your own BFF bride-to-be? Drop your worries right now! Cuz with this blog, we tell you how to source essentials for bachelorette party decoration to make the bash a full peppy affair.

Be it the quintessential bride-to-be balloons, quirky shot glasses, wall decor banners, or the naughty cake toppers, all of these are mandatory decor elements for a picturesque bachelorette bash. However, going to markets to buy them can be a daunting task. Hopping shop to shop and negotiating for prices is not everybody's cup of tea. Hence, here we enlist the best things you can order online for bachelorette party decoration. We scrolled through a lot of online stores and shortlisted the most pretty, epic and fun bachelorette-worthy decoration supplies. You would want to grab them all!

Things to Buy for Bachelorette Party Decor

Metallic Balloons

These bride-to-be foil balloons are a MUST! They not only set the ambience right but also make for a nice photo backdrop for the bride.

INR 259 | Buy Here

INR 259 | Buy Here

Glitzy curtains

Glam and glitz is an inevitable part of every girls' bash. These foil curtains are sure to up the glam factor at your friend's bachelorette party. 

Pro tip: But at least 3-4 such curtains for a dense look.

INR 239 | Buy Here

Fun Banners

How about having such cool banners for bachelorette party decoration?

INR 350 | Buy Here

INR 300 | Buy Here

Props set

A girls' bash is synonymous to endless posing and photographs. And bachelorette photos definitely incomplete without fun props.

INR 300 | Buy Here

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Flamingo-themed balloons

Flamingo-themed bachelorette parties are all rage! And here are some balloons that will perfectly go with that theme.

INR 399 for 12 pieces | Buy Here

Source Shein India

INR 148 | Buy Here

INR 399 for 15 pieces | Buy here

A set of bachelorette decor essentials set

Here's an ultimate budget-friendly set comprising of balloons, banners and props.

INR 500 | Buy Here

Neon Shot Glasses

Oh, and how can you not have these unique fun shot glasses? Apart from making your shots more fun, they will double up as a hep decor element.

Source Wanna Party

INR 499 for 25 glasses | Buy Here

Paper Hangings

Planning a pink-themed bachelorette bash? You gotta consider these cutesy paper hangings for the decorations.

Source Wanna Party

INR 650 | Buy Here

Bride Chair Tag

Amp your BFF bridey's chair on her most memorable night with you girls.

INR 1000 | Buy Here

Cake Toppers

Having a bachelorette cake is not enough. You MUST top it with a fun toppers like these.

Source Wanna Party

INR 250 | Buy Here

Blingy bridal cup

Leave no stone unturned to pamper your lovely bride-to-be. She will definitely love this blingy bridal cup. And mind you, these little dainty are sure to add a lot to the decor.

Source Wanna Party

INR 750 | Buy Here

Flamingo neon lamp

Owing to the rage of flamingo-stuff for bachelorette parties, this is another unique element that you can include in the bachelorette decoration.

Source BigSmall

INR 999 | Buy Here

Wall decor

Paper garlands made of martini glasses and heels are another way pep up the bachelorette decorations.

INR 300 | Buy Here

INR 350 | Buy Here

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Ring Balloon

This ring foil balloon is another essential that's purely unmissable.

Source Shein India

INR 148 | Buy Here


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