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"Dear Mommy, Things I want to tell you Before I get Married"

Shivani Malhotra, 06 Apr 2018

"How do you do this mom? How do you manage everything with a subtle smile and handle everything with such patience?" - Obvious questions that pop up in every mind whenever we see our mothers.  Suddenly, the thought of living apart from her post-marriage and accepting it as a fact makes us miss her more already!

How hard is it to even imagine a day without our mommies? Isn’t it? While making our every day count with her and getting ready for our new phase of life which is called “marriage”, certain things we realized that will make you miss your mother right after your wedding.

Here comes the long list.

# What would it be to wake up early without your voice?!

Asking you for another 5 min. nap was easy. The sudden switch from Uth ja beta to alarm clock *beeps* will be real and will make me miss your voice every morning. 

# Who will make sure my things are in place?

No matter, how much messy cupboards, shoe racks, and study table have troubled her? She always managed to keep them organized. Always in her OCD mode.

# No 'Maa k hath ka khana' anymore

After a long tiring day, a lot of hard work the only question that excites us is 'khane mai kya bnaya hai?' Because we all know nothing is as finger Licking good as the food you cook. Who can forget your Rajma Chawal? I'm sorry for all the times I've eaten out even when you'd prepared dinner. I know I'm going to miss it so much!

# Maggie-Chai sessions would no longer be fun

I would never enjoy eating maggi without you. and also gossiping about all those your Kitty-Aunties and their wardrobe failures was only fun with your special masala chai. Mockery sessions of our hand-picked people are some of the moments I'll cherish the most. 

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# Who would handle my kitchen blunders?

Whenever I'm in my cooking mode and I leave the kitchen with messy oil spills and sloppy veggie peels all around post the experient, only you could tolerate cleaning them all.

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# Thank you for being my guru and best friend

Acceptance, love, and deal with failures are some of the lessons that you taught me. Not only you're just my selfie-partner, also my first go-to person to munch on all the chit-chats that I just can't keep in my stomach. My naughty and funny secrets were never judged!

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 # I would terribly miss twining outfits with you on our hangout-dates!

From wearing all those color-coordinated outfits to looking like a bang-on duo, enjoying chipotle at our fav. cafe (brings out so many memories). How can I forget to mention our shopping Saturdays, trying 2340 outfits left us so tiring.

No Thank-You is big enough to be grateful for what you do for us. No matter how much older we get; you'll always have your helping hand on us.  

Do let us know your reason to thank your mother and tag your mother to make them know that they are really special!

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