Dazzle On Your Big Day With These Oversized Rings!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 03 Nov 2016

When it’s your wedding day, you know that all eyes are going be on you. And not just on you but on your outfit, on your makeup and of course on your jewellery. While you are busy flaunting your big rock aka engagement ring (a solitaire, maybe) on one hand, have you ever thought of what you want to do with the other hand? You cannot leave it empty! You can always wear as many rings as you want to if you want things to look OTT because you have every right to do so on your wedding day. But if you ask me the trend right now, I will always tell you to go for the oversized rings. One big chunk of that right jewellery and you are set to dazzle.


Image Credits: Gautam Khullar

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So today I have decided to talk about how oversized rings that have made a huge comeback these days. Familiar with the phrase, the bigger the better? Works wonder for oversized rings as they are quite a rage now and have literally taken the bridal milieu by storm.


Image Credits: Morvi Images

Trend Spotting: Real Brides Wearing Oversized Rings 

The latest fad right now is to flaunt an oversized statement ring so that with that one look at that ring and people already go ‘wow!’. Precisely what you want on your D-Day! :D


Image Credits: Morvi Images

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Designs You Can Opt For

If you are wondering which are the ones that I am particularly talking about, my focus is on those that have beautiful works of:

1. Mirror

2. Kundan

3. Polki

4. Floral Metal Rings


Image Credits: Pooja Joseph Photography


Image Credits: Gautam Khullar


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Image Credits: Morvi Images (left) and Bhumi & Simran Photography (right)

Who Can Wear Oversized Rings? 

So whether you choose to be the fun or the conventional bride, you can flaunt your look both ways. Brides, wear your big rock in one hand and wear an oversized ring in another. And that's it. You're good to go!

And if you are a bridesmaid, there are plenty of options for you as well. Cut down on other jewellery and wear an oversized ring. You can also go for the ones attached with haathphools. 


Image Credits: Fotowalle

Bonus Tips

→ Do make sure your other jewellery pieces complement your statement ring. → Keep the colour of your lehenga in mind. It’s wiser to go for rings that complement your bridal outfit but if you want it to be a little bit ‘haatke’ you can always go for contrast colours. → You can always look into your grandma’s trousseau for some inspiration. You never know you might just find your ring waiting for you there!

Featured Image Credits: Dhanika

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