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29+ Dark Lip Makeup For Brides To Flaunt This Wedding Season

Shivani Singh, 25 Nov 2019

The winter wedding season is in full swing and it's time for brides to embrace it with an experimental flare. And since wedding makeup is all about setting a statement, what's more, memorable than dark lip makeup for brides? 

Playing with darker colours is always fun, as they're both bold and fetching. They not only make a bride look more attractive but also gives confidence and adds warmth to the bride's face to match the gloomy weather. While it's a bit tricky to pull off a dark shade, we all love brides who boldly experiment. Ranging from cult favourites like deep reds to quirky glitter flips and alluring purples, Indian brides have proved time and again that there isn't a single colour they cannot execute without looking ravishing. However, finding the right bold lipstick for your trousseau can be a bit tricky. So, here's our list of deep lip makeup looks for brides to try out this winter wedding season!

Dark Lip Makeup For Brides To Try Out This Season

1. Simple Yet Sultry

Going in for a plain dark coloured lipstick is the mainstream way to go. While they can come in numerous types of finishes, from mattes to glossy, the colour choices are endless too. You can choose dark reds like mahogany, maroon, burgundy or go in for a magenta, plum or wine coloured lip. 

Slay with a brick red lipsticks for all occasions.

A ravishing rasin purple for the bold and beautiful.

A cabernet wine colour on your lips to look drop-dead gorgeous.

Source lakmeindia

Something rosy with a hint of wine colour for a dazzling look.

An enchanting dark mauve colour to adorn your lips.

Aubergine coloured lipstick is the new bold bridal look. 

Source batgirlekta

Who wouldn't love a nice wine purple on their lips to rock at a sangeet function? 

An off-beat rasin purple may just be the right colour for this season.

A mahogany lip like this is to die for!

Source neehaaa_

Bewitching yet beautiful, an amethyst coloured lipstick is meant for all complexions. 

Mocha browns are not only stunning to wear but aesthetic on anyone.

Glamourous and resplendent, chocolate browns are perfect for fuller more defined lips.

Hickory brown may not be the most conventional bridal colour, but who doesn't love unconventional makeup ideas?

Source Pinterest

An appealing cedar brown that can be flaunted on a sunny day function or a dreamy night function.

There's nothing more exquisite and statement setting than a deep blood red lipstick.

This bride's bold red lip has us swooning. 

2. Metallic Or Glittery Flips

Dark glitter or metallic lipsticks are the best to help you pout and shine on your big day. From metallic glosses to shimmer lipsticks, using a bold lip as the statement piece of your look is the easiest solution for a glamorous and effortless bridal look in winters. Even though it may not be loose glitter you are physically applying to your lips, these shimmery dark lipstick are sure to give you the best bridal look. 

Metallic sangria pinks are majestic and glamourous, that perfectly pair with pastel coloured outfits. 

Source Pat McGrath

Glitter chocolate browns make an exquisite evening colour. 

Metallic ruby red lips are possibly the best when paired with dark smokey eyes. 


Lightly glittered coffee brown to add stars to any day function.

Metallic purples are unique, but definitely part of the experimental paradise. 

Source Pinterest

This lightly glittered mahogany would make a gorgeous wedding day colour. 

Metallic berry pink is just right to add a little sparkle to your wedding festivities. 

3. Bombshell Lip Ombres

If you're someone bored of a classic red or a single coloured lip, then try on a lip ombre. One of the most classic examples of lip art, an ombre lip is the best way to combine two colours to add more dimension to your lips. These dazzling dual-toned lips are an amazing way to add funk to your wedding makeup look. 

A tint of copper with mahogany brown on the borders is an ombre you'd want to try. 

Source Pinterest

Bold blood-red filled with bright scarlet in the middle makes for an eye-catching ombre for any bride.

Source violette_fr

This elegant deep maroon with light maroon in the middle makes for a resplendent lip look for any evening wedding function.

An exquisite ombre which combines the beauty of purple with berry pink to enhance the delicate beauty of the bride. 

Source Pinterest

Get yourself a minimalistic look by playing it cool with a chocolate brown outline filled with a nude pink matte lipstick.

Source catsalasmua

Black with pink glitter ombre


What's your favourite dark lip look? Let us know in the comments down below!