What can be better than doing a dance performance with your brother at your sangeet function? Nothing, if you wanna win and your brother is a fantastic dancer!

So, for this Rakshabandhan, we’ve just found these amazing #hatke dance performances of brother and bride that will inspire you to do one with your brother dearest at his or your sangeet function. These performances are fun, really coordinated and define the perfect relation of brothers and sisters. 

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Best Brother Sister Dance Performances 

Two Is Always Better Than One!

We simply love this bride and her brother’s dance performance at the sangeet function. It’s coordinated, fun to watch and the best part is that they are dancing on two songs! After all, isn’t two always better than one!?

This Sibling Duo’s Energy is Everything

Dance is all about the energy and the vibe and that’s exactly what is working for this sibling duo. With two songs to perform on, the bride and her brother are truly enjoying their hearts out! 

Surprise Brother-Sister Dance! 

This dance performance begins with the bride’s sisters on the dance floor but suddenly the bride and her brother take over. Oh, and we just love how coordinated these siblings are!

These Seven Brothers Did An Epic Dance For Their Sister

We spotted these seven brothers who surprised their sister at her wedding reception with this epic dance performance. We loved how well-coordinated these brothers were and they slayed with their dance moves for sure. 

Cos One Surprise Performance By The Bro Isn’t Enough

Brothers are just the cutest and that’s why we’re sharing another surprise performance that this brother gave at his sister’s cocktail function but also included her right from the beginning of the performance!

The Medley Dance

Every wedding has at least one medley dance performance and we’ve found one in which this brother and sister have picked all the best songs for their dance performance. This dance is truly joyous and fun to watch!

All the Bros and Sisters on the Dance Floor!

We love how all the siblings of this bride’s wedding party are on the dance floor and set it on fire by their stunning performance. Not to mention that all of them look so good! 

A Super Fun Performance by This Sibling Duo

Isn’t it just adorable when you can look at the brother and sister and tell how excited they are to dance together cuz this dance is going to show you exactly that? Love how these siblings are making their dance performance work! 

Brother-Sister Performance For The Bride

This is the most entertaining dance performance by the bride’s sister and their brothers on her sangeet night majorly because the sister is dancing exceptionally well. We’re head over heels for this performance!

Brother of the Bride & Sister of the Groom Break A Leg Together

We’ve kept the one with a twist for the last you guys. This one is a performance by the bride’s brother AND sister of the groom. Isn’t it such a cool idea!? 

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So which was your most favourite dance performance from these? Tell us in the comments section below!

Hatke Dance Performances of Brother & Bride That Wowed Us!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Hatke Dance Performances of Brother & Bride That Wowed Us!