Latkan shatkan and all that shebang!

Yes, we're all about these gorgeous little trinkets that light up your bridal lehengas in the most amazing way. And while many may consider these small accessories to be significant, we kid you not, they're anything but.

Brides love to scrutinize every small detail of their lehenga ensembles. They will go over every inch of embroidery, which lace to choose, which material to get the lehega made out of and even the colours! And latkans are not out of their considerations either. These dreamy, twinkling trinkets are hard to ignore and can sometimes make or break the look and add that much needed 'OOMPH' factor to it. In fact, latkans are also used nowadays to customise a bride's lehenga in the most adorable way ever. 

Not sure which type of customized latkan to add to your look? Then scroll down and check out our array of selections that can match perfectly to your look!

Customized Latkan Design Ideas For Brides

Add Your Wedding Date To It

If you're looking to make your lehenga latkan even more special, then here's an idea. Add your wedding date onto in the form of embroidery or fabric painting. Trust us, the result will be gorgeous. 

Customized Latkans With Bride & Groom's Names

Brides love customising their bridal ensembles! Honestly, who doesn't? And latkans are a great way to add a personalised touch to your bridal lehenga without going too over the top with the idea. So, if you're one of those who love to add a personal touch, then a customised latkan design is right for you.

One For The Bridesmaid Squad!

If you're the typical 'Veere Di Wedding' squad, then these are perfect for you. 

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That One Latkan For All The Daughters In The World

From 'Papa ki Pari' to 'Mummy ki Jaan' the tags on all the daughters in the world are endless. So, why not add that your trousseau in the form of an embroidered or painted latkan?

Confused What To Get? Hashtag It!

No one's ever complaining about that one, that's for sure. Combine your love for your wedding hashtag with your love for quirky latkans and the end result will not disappoint!

Our Favourite 'Bride to Be' Latkan Design

If you're looking to keep it a bit simple, then you can go in for the quintessential 'bride to be' inscription on your latkan and keep it minimal. 

Tassels Are Our Top Choice Always!

Latkans with tassels are always a treat to don on your outfits. They're cute, quirky and the perfect element to adorn your lehenga, especially for mehendis. 

Source VenueMonk

Choose A Contrasting Colour For Added Effect

One of the best ways to make your latkans shine? Colour block it. Choose a colour for your latkan design that is contrasting to your lehenga and it's light up your outfit in one go!

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Customized Latkan Designs For Bridal Lehengas That Are Worth Bookmarking!

by Shivani Singh

Customized Latkan Designs For Bridal Lehengas That Are Worth Bookmarking!