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23 Creative & Unique Bridal Jewellery Photo Ideas for your Wedding Album!

Medha Chawla, 01 Apr 2019

Whenever we feel that wedding photographers couldn't be any better, they incessantly prove us wrong and blow our minds with their creative developments. For instance, take the case of bridal jewellery photographs! Earlier a sidelined element of wedding photographs which was only captured with the close-up bridal portraits or in the traditional velvet jewellery box, bridal jewellery is now being captured in unimaginably artsy frames. And we totally root for the idea of having unique bridal jewellery photographs! After all, the wedding day baubles are extremely dear to a bride, and what better way to cherish them forever than having great photos of them.

All hail to the ever-growing creative vision of wedding photographers that we recently laid our eyes on a lot of unique jewellery photographs. And how could we not share them with you all? Keep scrolling till last to treat your eyes with sheer gorgeousness, and also grab ideas for your own wedding photography. Your jewels definitely deserve to be captured in their glam glory!

Unique ways to photograph bridal jewellery

A palm tree leaf for a bridal jewellery photograph? OH YES!

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Ever seen a better use of cutesy ceramic vessels?

This bridal jewellery photo is an epitome of aesthetics!

Love the way the photographer has placed everything in this photo while also adding a dash of vibrant colours!

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What better backdrop than bride's mehendi-laden hands and her wedding lehenga for a mesmerising jewellery photo?

A simplistic yet so aesthetical bridal jewellery photograph idea

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The tagline on the mug says it all! And oh, so creative of the photographer to use that mug for the jewellery photo!

Absolutely crushing over the contrasting red saree that's backing the pristine white pearl jewels!

A totally out-of-the box bridal jewellery photo on a wooden platter

A picturesque flat lay shot that captures so all things dear to the bride

When sand, seashells, jewellery and bride's outfit got together for a beauteous jewellery shot 

We love how this glistening raani haar is popping against that deep gold cushion!  

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Care-free moment of the bride before she gets bedecked with the gorgeous jewellery!

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Let the florals cast their spell!

Can't stop ogling at this fascinating jewellery shot

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Who knew that wine glasses could be used for beautiful bridal jewellery photograph? 

What a beautiful styling and placement of jewels along with the juttis, bridal dupatta and a magazine!

The exceptionally brilliant use of bride's heels to capture the gorgeous earrings is winning our hearts

Wrap your bridal necklace around a plant for the win! 

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The symmetrical play of light and shadow, along with the smart placement of jewels makes this photo a sure shot winner

A gorgeous satlada and other jewels captured well against the bride's trousseau bag

An immensely unique bridal jewellery photo captured against a vibrant green leaf!

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