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Creative & Adorable Ways To Announce Your Engagement On Instagram!

Tanya Puri, 11 Nov 2017

For all the Instagram addicts out there, there is literally nothing that you do not post on your Insta handles, then why miss out on the major deal; announcing your engagement? 

This will probably be the most exciting Instagram post you would be sharing, and so take the time to plan an adorably creative photo with a cute caption; highlight your new ring, the proposal & your fiancé/fiancee.

#Say It With The “Hand” Writing

Just an "I said yes" or "I'm getting married” on your palm will speak everything. Have your man take a shot and share it. Turn the ring around, facing your palm and just flaunt the bling he gave you. 

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#Play The Name Game

If you're planning to change your name, let that be an announcement in itself. Snap a selfie holding a sign that says "Future Mrs".

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#Include Your Pets

It takes a lot of guts to trust your dog to balance your engagement ring on his or her nose without sneezing or getting distracted, but what a perfect way to share the moment with the baby you already have.

[1] Source Pinterest [2] Source The Knot

After all, your man must have had to pass the pet test. Only when your dog approves is the love worthy of marriage, aren’t we right?!

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#Knot It Up 

This enactment of literally ‘tying the knot’ is such a clever way to announce your engagement and store it your memories forever. 

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#Hands By The Shore 

If your man proposed to you on the beach, click a picture of your gorgeous rings and the beautiful shoreline. It will surely be too amazing a moment for Instagram to handle. 

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#Scrabble It

You don't have to be a Scrabble enthusiast necessarily to put these letter cubes to use while adding a bit of nostalgia and uniqueness to your announcement! 

#Holding Hands

What a sweet way to let your friends and followers know that now the both of you will be hand-in-hand to face anything that heads your way. Think inspiration from the #TakeMeTo series or simply capture a photo of you and your guy holding hands tightly.

[1] Source Pinterest [2] Source How He Asked

#Classic Overhead Shot

Have you been staring at that beauty of a ring since it has been placed on your finger? Take a photo from an overhead angle to bring it in focus; this classic shot of your new bling is a tried-and-true approach.

Our tip is to say good-bye to creepy hands by relaxing your fingers, adding a prop or resting your hands on your table or the outfit you’re wearing. Avoid shots that highlight every pore and strand of hair on your hands by a slight tilt of the camera.

Isn't this the best way to unfurl the news? Let us know your unique ways of revealing it, in the comments below!  

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