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Crazy Underwater Pre-Wedding Shoot Photos that'll leave you Short of Breath

Aditi Bachhawat, 15 Feb 2018

A love so deep, literally! If you are bored to death of the cheesy & mushy couple poses against clichéd landscapes and boring props, this is going to be a whiff of fresh air for you. Brides and grooms-to-be are surpassing all limits of creativity and adventure by choosing water as their backdrop over anything else! Whether it is jumping into an ocean or a swimming pool, they have left us open-mouthed in sheer wonderment upon seeing the surreal pictures of couples posing like pros amidst the pristine blue waters! (Meanwhile, I can’t even get it right on land! *duh*)

So, if experimentation is your thing, shake off all your inhibitions and jump into the water with your fiancé because believe it or not, this is going to be the best and the most memorable dive ever! Here are a few pictures to give your adventurous heart a little nudge and fill it with inspiration to the brim.

Ready to take that plunge?

Seal it with a kiss :*

Shot by Wedding Nama

As you propose to her...

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Shot by Wedding Nama

This one's a post-wedding dip outta Joy!

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Shot by Shutter Monkeyz

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When you let your nosey friends photobomb!

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Shot by Wedding Nama

Juz Chillin’ like a villain

Shot by Zaura Photograph

One of togetherness...

Shot by Infinite Memories

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Shot by Still Emotional

The best of both worlds!

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Shot by Wedding Nama

Living the mermaid life!

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Shot by Wedding Nama

Shot by The Photo Diary

Would you take a dip in the water to ace your pre-wedding shoot? Share your views in the comments!