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Crazy & Super Cool Photos You Must Have On Your Haldi Ceremony

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 07 Jan 2018

One of the craziest wedding ceremonies of all times—Haldi. It all yellow and messy but so much fun, isn't it? Make sure you make most of this day! To keep for a lifetime, don't forget to get clicked some super crazy photos that will speak your happiness even after years of being stored in that wedding album. We dug through the internet and have excitedly put together some fascinating candids and emotional pictures that unfolds the beauty of this day.

Check'em out!

#1 The cutest one with your parents

#2 With everyone taking part in the painting competition

#3 One before the chooda ceremony

#4 Some pampering before the real deal *laughs*

#5 Everything is fair in love, war and haldi ceremony. Right? 

#6 With the bacha party of the family

#7 One with the kaleeras

#8 Who can stop boozers anyway?

#9 One while taking the holy dip 

#10 Strike a pose while you are already in the spirit 

#11 While you're bearing some sweet torture 

#12 With your main bro while he's busy irritating you

#13 And as the Haldi dries up but the excitement doesn't

#14 A colour coordinated groupfie to complete your album

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