Crazy News From The Wedding World That You Just Can't Miss!

Sanchita Kalra, 01 Sep 2016

Every now and then, I listen (or read) about wedding stories and I would love to confess that  I am completely obsessed with all things related to weddings. Some stories are emotional, some are dreamy and some of them are just... all over the internet. So, I did a little bit of homework and found 7 of the greatest yet fun occasions to share.

Here's a roundup of all things Shaadisaga loved, from a groom's wardrobe malfunction to a couple who got married in air to...umm, we don't want to spoil the fun. Read on to find out more!

The Couple Who Got Engaged FRIENDS Style If you’re a fan of FRIENDS, you just can’t deny your eternal love for Monica and Chandler. And here’s Krunal Desai and Radha Patel, an Indian couple who were so obsessed with the world-famous television show that they recently got engaged at Monica and Chandler’s apartment (in London!) OMG!

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The Groom Who (Almost!) Went On A Solo Honeymoon After the movie Queen, who would have thought that a guy could honeymoon alone too? Yes, Faizan Patel is one guy who travelled to Italy alone as his wife had  lost her passport a couple of days before the trip. Don’t forget to check out what Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India, did for him!

The Bride Who Went On A Solo Honeymoon So, what happens when your hubby's visa gets rejected? Hue and cry? No way! Lahore girl, Huma Mobin, travelled all the way to Greece with her in-laws (or not!). Find out here.

Huma Mobin- The Girl Who Went On A Solo Honeymoon

Picture Courtesy: Huma Mobin

The Groom Who Had Wardrobe Troubles We recently came across this hilarious video where the groom had a "little" wardrobe malfunction during the pheras but he owned the situation like a boss!

The Adventurous Couple Who Got Married In Air If you don't think darr ke aage jeet hai then you should certainly see this couple from Kolhapur who got married almost 295 feet high up in the air dangling.

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The Couple Who Donated The Money Saved For The Wedding When Abhay Deware and Priti Kumbhare from Amravati decided to tie the knot, they didn't want a lavish wedding. And what better way to donate money that was saved for wedding celebrations . Talking about unconventional weddings, here's another couple who went totally eco-friendly for their wedding celebrations!

Time To Sell Your Wedding Tickets To Foreigners Haven't we all seen the fascination of foreigners towards the Indian culture? Here's JoinMyWedding, an app that provides foreign travellers an opportunity to attend an Indian wedding (for a fee) to witness the customs and traditions! Read more here.

Featured Image Courtesy: Comedy Central.