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This Couple Donated Excess Food at their Wedding & We're much Inspired!

Medha Chawla, 13 Sep 2019

It is the little acts of kindness that reinstate our faith in humanity. And when we spot such endearing efforts at weddings, our hearts instantly brim up with joy. Meet Grace & Nachiket, a recently married couple who is winning our hearts for their special efforts to ensure that the leftover food at their wedding does not get wasted.

As you all know, food is a top priority at almost every Indian wedding, that's why we have a vast sumptuous menu consisting of continental cuisines, multi-cultural delicacies, desserts and so much more! But it comes as a shock that 15-40% of that total food gets dumped in the bins. In a country where as many as 20 crore people sleep to hungry bellies, these figures of food wastage at weddings are absolutely heartbreaking. However, we love how Grace and Nachiket turned this awful scenario into a merry one for the underprivileged ones. They decided to donate the excess food at their wedding and spread so many smiles among the needy community.

They even help spread the word by putting up buffet cards and tent cards at their wedding! Isn't that super thoughtful? Check out how they did it!

How to donate leftover food at your wedding?

We at ShaadiSaga believe that every wed-to-be couple must join this fight against hunger by opting for food donation at their wedding. All you need to do is fill up a simple form (which only asks you about the date, venue, contact number and preferred pickup time). Feeding India will send Hunger Heroes to the venue at the requested time who then pack the leftover food in hygienic containers and distribute it at a nearby shelter home or slum area. That's how simple the process is–you do not even have to worry about the packaging, transportation or the food containers.

They just charge you a token amount, i.e. cost of one plate with which they would finance the transportation expense.

It is our humble request to our readers to do their bit towards the society and help eradicate hunger in India. Not just weddings, you can also call the Feeding India Hunger Heroes to other events like engagement, puja ceremonies, birthday parties, etc.

So, wait no more and fill up THIS FORM right now and make your wedding day even more auspicious by making it special for the underprivileged.


Food wastage at weddings? Say NO MORE!