As a to-be-wed couple, being unanimous that you two want a small and intimate wedding is just not enough. Your parents' approval is indispensable to go ahead with the plan. No matter how much you love the concept of small and intimate weddings, you just cannot host one until your parents give a nod for it. And it is no news that Indian parents who have elaborate social circles and big families dread the concept of intimate weddings. Most parents have a pre-decided guestlist in their mind and extravagant dreams for their son or daughter's wedding. Dare you challenge that, they will show their childlike adamance!

So yes, convincing them for an intimate wedding is undeniably an uphill task. But trust me, it is not impossible. All you need is to convey valid reasons, suggest alternatives and put forth the positives of having an intimate wedding. Don't swear by the OG convincing tool, i.e. 'Emotional Attyachar' on your parents, it will certainly make them feel unhappy. Instead, do a wise talk. To begin with, here we walk you through the basics and tell you some tricks and tips to convince parents for an intimate wedding.

Best way to convince parents for an intimate wedding

- Tell them you want to celebrate your big day only with the loved ones who matter the most. Explain how the presence of extra guests will affect the whole cheery & intimate vibe of the wedding.

- Explain to your parents that how a small wedding guest list means less cringy people to take care of!

- Tell your parents that intimate weddings are not stress-inducing! A guest list comprising of only loved ones means no formalities to be taken care. This will keep your parents stress-free and they too will be able to enjoy to the core. That's how it should be, isn't it?

- Suggest the alternative of hosting a reception for everyone else. But make it clear, that the core celebrations and the D-day will have only a few loved ones in the attendance.

- Tell them about how intimate weddings allow everyone to delve into sheer fun. The groom's and bride's families get more time to gel up with each other, everyone can play fun wedding games and everyone beams with joy and positivity. 

- Make them realise the monetary benefits that come along with hosting an intimate wedding. You will save gobs of money if the guest list is small.

- Put forth a practical reason that you would rather invest the money in property, gold or on a luxe honeymoon experience. 

- Ensure them that nobody's feelings would be hurt. Cuz anyway, you will invite them to the reception. A smart way to deal with the same is by including a polite sentence in the reception invitation card, "The couple will tie the knot in a small wedding. You are heartily invited to shower the newlyweds with blessings on their wedding reception". Doing so will ensure clear and effective communication, leaving no scope of ambiguity.

- If nothing works, make your parents read our blog on the benefits of having an intimate wedding. This will help them understand your perspective.


These are good enough reasons to convince Indian parents for an intimate wedding! Do let us know if they worked for you! 

How to tell your parents that you want a Small & Intimate Wedding

by Medha Chawla

How to tell your parents that you want a Small & Intimate Wedding