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8 Biggest Wedding Decor Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid Committing!

Anupriya Khanna, 18 Mar 2019

When it comes to wedding decoration ideas, the sky is the limit. Whether you're looking for ways to beautify your entry walkways, wedding stage, bar area or the mandap, you'll find endless ideas on the internet to take inspiration from. In fact, there is such a wide variety of decor elements you can experiment with. However, even the prettiest of decor elements can fail to work their charm if not ideated or planned perfectly. So we thought of turning your wedding guide yet again and share with you some of the most common wedding decor mistakes a lot of couples make.

Abide by these helpful wedding decor dos and don'ts and get your wedding decor sorted!

Wedding Decor Mistakes You Must Avoid!

1. Not finalizing on a definite color palette or a color theme

We know how tempting it can get to include anything and everything pretty in your wedding decorations. However, it can end up making your wedding decorations seem unpleasant with all those mismatched & clashing colors. Which is why it is always better to decide on a color palette beforehand and prevent it from merging with your bridal outfit. This way you will not only be able to give a cohesive look to your wedding but also take your color-combination game a notch above (by color-coordinating or color contrasting your outfits with your decor). We've seen a lot of couples pick the Pantone color of the year for their wedding decor and similarly you can too.

2. Neglecting those little details

While most of the guests don't get into the details and are only there for food, but there are still some who do. So, do pay attention to those cheeky little details that go into your wedding decorations to make it even more impactful. Even if it is as small as a napkin or stash covering the chairs.

3. Not making a separate budget for decorations

One of the most common wedding decor mistakes most couples make is not curating a separate budget and later falling prey to debts & regrets. So, if you don't want to end up into debts or splurge almost half of your wedding budget on decorations, chalk out a separate budget already and stick to it. Communicate your estimated budget to your decorator and ask him to make the arrangements within the set limit. Also, know that there will be additional charges for transportation or any other last minute changes. So, don't forget to take them into consideration.

4. DIY-ing everything

No matter how creative you are and how easy it is for you to DIY even the most complex decorations, the last thing you should do is taking charge of DIY-ing it all. While you can always DIY your mehendi or home roka ceremony, DIY-ing your wedding would be too much of an effort you do not wanna put as a bride. It can get a lot exhausting than you could ever imagine! When you are the one getting married, there'll be so many other important things that'll keep you occupied. So, it's always best to hire someone.

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5. Not having enough knowledge about your wedding venue & space

Before deciding on your wedding decorations, it is always better to understand your wedding venue first. Begin with knowing how spacious it is and how you can best utilize it. Also, take note of the interiors if planning for an Indoor wedding and try enhancing it with elements that would best compliment it. Say, if your venue has a lot of crystal chandeliers and fancy wallpapers, some glamorous floral arrangements, ornate frames, and vintage pieces would add the perfect touches. However, if you're planning to host your wedding outdoors, some rustic decorations would work wonders.

6. Not adding personal touches to your decor

Even though all those glitzy and alluring decor elements can add oodles of charm to your wedding and make your guests instantly go wow. But since it's your big day, make sure your wedding also reflects who you two are as a couple. Incorporate personalized elements like a huge installation with your love tale written all over, a fun photo gallery displaying your childhood photos in a cozy corner of your wedding venue and leave a bang on impression on your guests.

7. Not paying enough attention to the lighting

Lighting can make or break your wedding decor. Which is why knowing what type of lighting to use where and how is important. Ask your decorator to use a variety of lighting options like lamps, halogen lights, candles, bulbs & fairy lights & diyas at different areas of the venue.

8. Overdoing the decoration

With so many whimsical decor elements available, each one better than the other, it only gets difficult to not include them all in your wedding decor. However, incorporating too many elements into the decoration can make your wedding venue appear too cluttered and messy. So, swear by the 'less is more' mantra and pick only a few elements to trim your wedding venue with.


Noted all these points? If not, do it right away!