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Bizarrely Interesting Coconut Decoration Ideas for Rituals & Favours

Shreya Gupta, 30 May 2019

Did I hear decorating coconuts? Oh yes, you did! We were aloof of this wedding element too, trust us! We had the exact same reaction when we first discovered this trend & oh boy, it’s fancyyy!! Despite the fact that coconut is a part of every Indian wedding, did you ever think about adorning it with stones and ribbons? Whether you call it chic or traditional but decorated coconuts are a nutty idea and we think it’s super cool! After all, everything in a wedding needs to be decorated.

The ‘nariyal’ or coconut is an auspicious element in Indian weddings and is exchanged as shagun. And we spotted the most cray-cray shagun nariyals with a twist because going simple is too mainstream! These bizarrely stunning nariyals embellished with stones and decked up with flowers have stolen our heart cuz they are too gorgeous and eye-catching with a blend of uniqueness along. We loved these off-beat shagun nariyals and thought you would too! Have a look at these interesting nariyal decorations.

Unique Nariyal Decorations Ideas for Wedding Favors

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So are you gonna ditch the ordinary nariyal and use these quirky ones instead?