Chic and Flattering Hairdos For Brides & Bridesmaids To Bookmark!

Simran Keswani , 01 Jan 2018

We are firm believers that the most beautiful bridal looks are nothing but an amalgamation of the prettiest details. From wedding ensembles to jewellery, everything has its own significance. However, something that can rather make or break your look is your HAIRSTYLE.

Straight, wavy or curly whatever hairdo you wanna carry, we've got you inspirations for all. So, don't let your hairstyle become a source of stress and follow along with the list of some of our favourites!

P.s. The real flowers in these super trendy updos got us drooling!

Elegant bun with baby breathe flowers

Graceful crown braid with cascading locks

Enthralling bubble fishtail

 The princess belle style

A beautifully crumpled pleated low bun

The braid banded high bun

Messy side swept with flowers

Braided lower bun with baby breathe flowers

Simple soft curls left loose

Anushka's wedding hairstyle covered with peonies

Source pinterest

The half tied hair embellished with little flowers

Half tied curls 

Dainty braided drama

French braids left loose

Loosely textured waves

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