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Celebrating the love story of two childhood lovers, who were meant to be together, Nikita and Rishi!

Neha Garg, 03 Sep 2015

This wedding is full with bursting smiles, colors and a lot of love. A Konkani-Himachali affair with a Hindu ceremony, beautiful feminine floral arrangements and a profusion of carefully thought out and the story details of the two hearts.

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The Love Story

So, it all started from school, where they first met and before they know, love caught their hearts. They lived separately for a few years, because Nikita’s father got transferred to Mumbai. The separation was only for 3 years, and then, Nikita was back to Chennai with her family. Though, the two were always in contact, but this was the time, when they started to take things more seriously. They confessed their love, but soon after, Nikita went to Australia for higher studies and Rishi started working in Canada, but love only became stronger with each passing dawn and dusk.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Like many of us, even they are different in a lot of ways, but the unseen string of love, tied these two hearts for so many years. And soon after, came the sweetest proposal.

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The Proposal

Rishi got on his knees and proposed to Nikita with the most beautiful ring and a promise to spend the rest of their lives happily together. Nikita said the loud ‘YES’ with a huge smile on her face. All of the laughter was captured by Rohan and Puja Mishra

The Engagement Ceremony

Engagement 5   Eng 4

The Photographer, Rohan & Puja Mishra on the Couple: The immense love, they share, is pretty much visible in the images and makes you fall in ‘Love’ once again. From growing up together, to growing old together, they're married to have fun! All the best Rishi & Nikita for a beautiful life ahead!

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The Puja

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The Mehendi Function

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The Wedding Day

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Nikita wore a stunning-traditional bridal attire by Camouflage and Rishi was equally as fashion forward in his attire, designed by Moksha.

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From the couple, to the Photographer, Rohan Mishra The pictures look great, we got lost in the pictures when we saw it the first time. Thank you guys for sharing the pics, we loved seeing them. You captured the perfect moment at the perfect time. You people are fabulous, I will strongly recommend you to the couple getting married next.

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Photographer: Rohan & Puja Mishra

Makeup: Vurve Signature Salon

Jewelry: VBJ, Chennai

Wedding Venue: Hilton, Chennai

Invitations: Novelty Cards, Chennai

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Shaadisaga wishes, the smiles of the two, only get broader and wider for the rest of their lives!