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This Cancer Fighter's Bridal Photoshoot is an Inspiration for Every Woman!

Medha Chawla, 01 Mar 2019

As women, most of us have at least once dreamt about how we will look like as brides. A breathtaking wedding attire, exquisite jewellery, gorgeous makeup, and a lovely bridal hairstyle–that's what bridal dreams are made of for most women. And to say the least, every woman wants to look her best version on the D-day.

But have you ever wondered what Cancer fighter brides-to-be go through? After being robbed of beauty, confidence and their crowning glory due to various cancer treatments many women have to let go of their bridal dreams.

But meet Breast cancer-survivor, Vashnavi Poovanedran, better known as Navi Indran Pillai on Instagram, the bold and sassy diva who is cancelling the beauty stereotypes and empowering cancer patients and survivors to embrace their transformation. Vashnavi, who herself at one point of time felt that she was not beautiful enough to be loved and ever look or feel like a bride, has taken the internet by a storm with her latest ‘Bold Indian Bride’ photoshoot.

Vashnavi made for a joyous bride wearing a red and bottle green saree along with gorgeous bridal baubles. We are absolutely smitten with the grace she embraced a mathapatti on her scarcely-haired head. The bold lips and a dainty red bindi further added to her bridal charm, and we can’t stop swooning. To feel like a real bride, she incorporated a traditional veil over her head and got her hands etched with mehendi as well.

Explaining what all went into Vashnavi’s bridal look, makeup artist, Blush, Beauty and Beyond revealed how it was a challenge to create and carve eyebrows. “I had to draw individual hair strokes to mimic the appearance of real brow hair and to ensure it didn’t look too fake."⁣ But that wasn’t all! To etch the bridal mathapatti on her head without involving a single hairpin was also a task. “This wasn’t easy but I’m so glad we figured it out,” the makeup artist wrote.

In a strong Instagram post, Vashnavi revealed that she always dreamt of marrying the man she loved and dressing up as a bride. But after going through lots of chemotherapies and eventually losing all hair, she was devastated. But nothing could beat her, not even cancer. With this photo shoot, she has sent out a strong message to thousands of cancer patients and survivors stating how this disease should not stop you from being who you are. In fact, every woman who thinks that she is not beautiful enough must seek inspiration from Vashnavi Poovanedran.

We bow down to you, Vashnavi! Thank you for inspiring us to the core. More power to you <3


Bangles & Bridal Anklet: DesireCollection.My | Silk Saree & Bridal Veil: Pattushastra | Photography: Celes Gerard | Photography Assistant: Shi.vaa90  | Make-up & Styling: Blush Beauty Beyond | Makeup Assistant: Emmanuel Ravi | Henna: B'dazzled Beauty


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