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9 Smart Tricks to Plan your Destination Wedding in a Budget

Medha Chawla, 10 Nov 2018

Destination wedding in a budget? Your pre-conceived notions may not let you believe that planning a ‘budget-friendly destination wedding’ is possible, and that’s exactly why it is time to come out of that shell. Don’t let budget constraints crush your dream of having a destination wedding - plan smarter, apply clever hacks and we tell you how!

Following are some of the best and most practical ways to cut down the overall expense of your destination wedding.

9 Tips to Plan a Budget-friendly Destination Wedding 

~ Have an intimate wedding 

First and the foremost rule, trim down your guest list. A wedding should always be an intimate affair which should have only closest family and friends in attendance. You can anyway host a reception in your city for the rest of your acquaintances. In fact, cutting down your guest list means sloshing down the expense of their travel, stay, food, etc.

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~ Consider E-invites

Swooned by the appeal of latest and trending wedding invitation designs, you are most likely to splurge a hefty amount on them. Hence, it is better to go with e-invites. They are cheap, personalized, convenient and definitely cool! *Even Sonam Kapoor sent out e-invites guys* BTW, check out this blog on how to create pretty online wedding invites for free!

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~ Plan Early

 This is yet another simple way to minimize your wedding expenses. Planning early will help you grab early-bird offers, cheaper deals and low airfare.

~ Bargain

 Every Indian is born blessed with some bargaining skills; so, make the full use of it to and book the venue and vendors in the least price possible. And remember, there’s ALWAYS a scope of bargaining.

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~ Go with SMART decor

The decor is one of the major expense at weddings, but what if we tell you that minimal decor is the latest rage in Indian weddings right now. Opt for minimal decor or go with resourceful decor elements like fairy lights, colorful drapes, playful signages and other things that are easily doable.

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~ Hire local vendors

Try to book your wedding vendors (DJ, decorator, Mehndi artist, photographer, MUA) who are based in or near your wedding destination/venue. For instance, if you are a Mumbai-based couple, planning your wedding Kashmir, so try getting a Kashmir-based photography team on board. By doing the same, you are immediately cutting down the cost of their travel. You can also hire wedding vendors on Shaadisaga.

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~ Go for offseason

Peak wedding seasons means peak prices. Play smart and set your date as close to the off-peak season as possible.

~ Choose an unconventional destination

The most popular wedding destinations are highly expensive and might bun a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is better to have a destination wedding at an offbeat and a lesser-known place. Mussoorie, Nainital, Khajuraho, and Rishikesh are a few lesser known places in India for a destination wedding.

~ Rent your wedding outfits

Accept it or not, your designer wedding lehenga and cocktail gown are gonna cost you a bomb! And most importantly, you are hardly ever gonna wear them again. So, instead of buying, opt for renting your wedding outfits. Renting is no more looked upon down as a low key act. In fact, portals like Stage3 and Flyrobe let you rent high-end designers. Save why splurge wastefully, when you can invest the money to plan your destination wedding!


Hope you found these planning tips useful!