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Brides, Here Are 8 Different Ways To Colour Coordinate Your Outfit With The Groom!

Sanchita Kalra, 14 Dec 2016

After so many constant efforts and so many bribes (of post-shopping-drinking-session!), my guy-friend finally agreed to accompany his best friend who's getting married for his wedding shopping. Umm, it's 2016 and can we finally say men like to shop?

So, two guys who were already confused between buying a sherwani and tuxedo were puzzled even more upon reaching the store. Because the salesperson added more to their dilemma by asking questions, "What colour is the bride wearing?"... "I hope you both are colour-coordinating outfits!". Well, they both immediately realised that their visit to the store was just futile as both of them were absolutely clueless about the colours that the bride was wearing for the wedding (and other functions!). But, the mandatory beer session as promised happened.

All this made me think how colour-coordinating wedding outfits has become really popular. And why not? After all, who doesn't love good looks and good pictures! The first thing your guests will notice on stage even before interacting with you is your wedding attire and that needs to be in contrast with your better half's outfits! And secondly, since you're going to be in the limelight throughout your functions and will also be photographed a lot, it's best to make sure that you both complement each other. Therefore, here are some ways by which you can colour-coordinate the outfit with your bride/groom:

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If bride is wearing a light colour, the groom can wear the same shade in a darker tone!

Image Credits: Aviraj Saluja

Grooms can wear the shirt and pocket square of the same colour as the bride's outfit

Image Credits: The Wedding Crasher

Another way to colour coordinate is to make sure that just the pocket square matches the colour of bride's outfit!


Image Credits: Fotowalle

Matching the safa and stole with bride's lehenga shade. Oh, and grooms can also pair contrasting jewellery!

Image Credits: HappyFrames Photography

Matching the bride's double (second) dupatta shade with the colour of groom's stole

Image Credits: Jodi Clickers

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If bride is opting for a dark shade, grooms can go for a full dark shade too!

Image Credits: Our Wedding Chapter

For grooms who are opting for a tuxedo, you can match your formal jacket's colour to that of the main colour of your bride's outfit

Image Credits: The Wedding Crasher

Apart from just contrasting stole and safa, grooms can also wear their wedding outfit in similar shades of the bride's outfit

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Another thing to keep in mind if you're planning to colour coordinate outfit is to make sure that the decor has different colour tones so that the bride and groom both stand out in the pictures! And to ease out your colour options, I have made a chart keeping in mind what colours will complement your outfit:


Featured Image Courtesy: Lakshya Chawla

Got more colour coordinating options? Tell us below!