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Mothers are the center of our universe and they deserve all our love! It is nothing but a soul-comforting scene when brides go out of their way to make their moms feel special during their wedding revelries. We have witnessed a lot of brides walking the aisle with moms, or owning the dance floor with them. But there is a lot more that you can do to make your mother feel special at your wedding. To begin with, write her an emotional note on your wedding day, spoil her with a gift, or maybe have a special mother-daughter photoshoot. The list may go on. Well, it is the real brides who have doled out some fresh ideas that instantly stole our hearts. Must we add, you ought to take cues from these brides who left no stone unturned to pay a heartfelt ode to their moms!

Heartwarming Ways To Surprise Your Mother At Wedding

1. Bride Who Dedicated Her Chooda Ceremony Décor To Her Mom

Dr. Vani Dutta took over Instagram recently with a heart-tugging portrait from her chooda ceremony. The cynosure was the insanely beautiful wedding portrait of her mother, serving as the emotional and rightful backdrop at her daughter’s auspicious ceremony. It was a surprise planned by the bride Vani for her mother, who recovered from Covid-19 on the day when her wedding revelries began.

 “My mother walked to the poolside with a full heart and my chooda in her hand to this surprise I had planned since forever! There she was, with her flowing tears and the biggest smile on her face,” Dr. Vani Dutta wrote as she shared this endearing photograph. That’s not all! Vani even wore her mother’s 32-year-old wedding dupatta to her chooda ceremony. The mother can be seen donning the same dupatta in the backdrop as well. So wholesome! Isn’t it? We are in awe of Vani’s thoughtful surprise for her mother. All brides-to-be can sure take a lesson or two from Vani on how to do something special for parents while bidding them a little goodbye.

2. Bride Who Coordinated Her Wedding Outfits With Her Mother

Bride Yasha made our hearts flutter with joy when she coordinated all her wedding outfits with her mom. Right from Roka, Sangeet, Chowki to Haldi and the wedding ceremony, the mother-duo daughter wore matching outfits. Yasha made sure her mother too shone like a legit star at the wedding revelries.

The duo stunned in dreamy pastel gown at the Roka ceremony and turned heads in identical red outfits at the Chowki. These beauties then wore similar Astha Narang creations at the sangeet ceremony. At the haldi ceremony, Yasha and her mother almost twinned in yellow ensembles designed by Astha Narang. The duo took the coordination game a notch higher as they both wore lehengas in the hues of pinks. While Yasha slipped into a blush pink belted lehenga by Payal Keyal, her mother looked resplendent in a peach pink embroidered lehenga.

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3. Bride Who Wore Her Mother’s Wedding Saree

Choosing the wedding outfit is one of the most overwhelming decisions a bride makes. And unsurprisingly, the bride’s outfit is also the most talked-about highlight of the wedding. Endless visits to the designer stores, hours of looking for inspiration online, the constant mental battle between choosing the silhouette, the color, the kind of adornments and so much more goes into finalizing the wedding outfit. However, Saumya took the road less taken and decided to wear her mom’s saree at her intimate wedding. What a beautiful gesture for her mother!

4. Bride Who Added ‘Maa’ Charms To Her Kaleeras

Bride Yashna Talreja included her mother in her coveted kaleeras, to feel closer to her on her D-day. She included ‘Maa’ charms along with her mother’s photo to her customized kaleeras. This emotional tribute truly has our heart! While AJS Jewellery customized these bridal baubles, Plush Affairs captured these priceless beauties in the most endearing way.

5. Bride Who Dedicated A Wholesome Dance Performance To Mom and Dad

In an emotional surprise, bride Nidhi took over the dance stage at her Sangeet ceremony and dedicated her performance to her parents. She grooved to the tunes of songs ‘Dilbaro’ and ‘Aisa Kyu Maa’. Her dance performance video has over 3 million views on YouTube and will definitely make shed a few tears.

FYI, here are some must-do gestures to make your parents feel uber-special at your wedding.

If you were to surprise your mom at your wedding, how will you do that? Do share with us. We would love to know.

5 Times Brides Wowed Us With Emotional Gestures For Moms At Weddings

by Medha Chawla

5 Times Brides Wowed Us With Emotional Gestures For Moms At Weddings