Brides, All You Need Is 15 Minutes To Get Into Shape And Here’s How!

Neha Garg, 26 Sep 2016

"I need to lose weight yaar", says every bride-to-be. But to wake up at 6 am for a workout at the gym after a late night phone call feels like the last thing you would want to do in the world. Nevertheless, the happy news is that today we are listing exercises that can be done under 15 minutes only. Yes, they are easy, simple and quick and also equivalent to the time you take to blow-dry your hair!

So all you would-be-brides, it's time to get fit!

Exercise #1

Step-ups: Use staircase, if you don't have an exercise step. For this exercise, you need to step up and down leading to each leg alternatively. Start by stepping onto the bench with your right foot and repeat for 15 reps on each leg. Do 4 sets with a break of 30 seconds after each set. Benefit: This exercise will help you burn fat around your leg area.

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Exercise #2

Skipping/Jumping Rope: All you have to do is jump rope for 1 minute and take a gap for 60 seconds and start again. Benefit: This exercise helps you get rid of that extra layer of fat off your body, especially your belly fat.

Exercise #3

Prison Workout: Pushups and squats are not very exciting moves but they're a part of almost every workout. Complete this circuit in 15 minutes to burn fat and get your body in shape! 10 squats 10 regular pushups 10 lunges (on each leg) 10 narrow pushups 10 jump squats Benefit: These exercises help you in not only burning calories but also toning your muscles. Squats help you in increasing leg strength, stabilises muscles and help you maintain balance while pushups help you build muscles which increases your metabolism and automatically burns fat.

Exercise #4

Cardio Blast: Sprint for 1 minute Walk/jog for 1 minute Sprint for another 1 minute Walk/jog for 1 minute Repeat the circuit 3 more times (4 times total), cutting the walk time in half every time. Benefit: Studies show that intense sprints helps you burn fat and leads to increase in hormone growth and aerobic capacity.

PS: Make sure you take a healthy diet. It is the key to a healthy and fit body.

Featured Image Courtesy: WeddingNama