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Bridal Shopping: How To Ensure You Don't Get Tricked At The Store

Sanchita Sehgal, 31 Dec 2017

Brides are the most vulnerable when they wear their bridal shopping shoes; because who can stop themselves from not tripping whilst having eyes on beautiful designer lehengas and those dainty details. 

Besides giving you a whole lot of wedding-related inspiration we make sure we spill some GYAAN as well! So, here we want you to know how to not get tricked at the store while bridal shopping:

Rule No. 1: Do not try on dresses you cannot buy

There will always be outfits that'll make you go, "What a piece and I so want it" but that will be way beyond what you can pay. Just avoid even getting your eyes on them altogether, because, after that everything else you try on will seem to leave no impact on you. Just be focused and restrain your budget, as you know the salesperson wants you to buy the most expensive piece. Just be wise!

Rule No.2: Know your fabrics & embroideries

Do your homework of knowing most of the fabrics used while making bridal lehengas—raw silk, georgette, brocade and which fabric is more expensive than the other. This way, when a salesperson throws a bold claim about it being expensive because it's rich silk, you can befit them and they will know it's not easy to fool you. Similarly, if you can identify hand work it will do wonders for you.

Rule No.3: Don't deck up while you go bridal shopping

If you're a Delhiite you would know Chandni Chowk doesn't work on MRP'S or you can say any local store doesn't. You should always avoid wearing truckloads of jewellery and decking up nicely. Whether you believe it or not, local store people are accustomed to quoting rates according to the type of jewellery you are wearing or the kind of bag you are carrying. So, brides-to-be keep it as minimal and simple as you can. I can bet you, this will surely work.

Rule No. 4: Pick a non-bridal lehenga but a heavy one

Like we have Dadi ma's secret, we give you a Shaadisaga secret—Just ask the salesperson to show you lehengas for your sangeet. The moment they know you've come to shop for your bridal lehenga, they'll shoot up the costs; knowing its certainty of purchase. And frankly, sangeet lehengas are just as weighty and stunning but are way cheaper than the bridal collection. Modern brides are experimenting and want colours apart from red and dark pinks, therefore, you can easily trick them here, rather they tricking on you. 

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Rule No. 5: Take the same lehenga with less work

If your bridal lehenga has overpowering motifs and loud work, tell the salesperson to show you a lighter version of that same lehenga. This will lower your costs by at least 10k to 15k. Extra borders in the dupatta or anywhere in the lehenga that can be avoidable can be taken off to attract a lower cost.

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Rule No. 6: Bargain as much as you can

Local stores have unbelievable margins set on bridal lehengas, hence, there's a lot of scope of bargain. Practice some bargain skills beforehand and be informed about your preferences. This way you won't be tricked.

We hope we helped you make the right decisions. Happy Shopping Bridies!

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