Every to-be bride knows that every small detail counts when it comes to her wedding functions. Apart from the fact that you have to have your bridal lehengas and your makeup sorted, there are other things to take care of like your nails. Yes, ladies, nail art is super important for all those moments when you have to show off that big rock on your finger or for those pictures where you have to show your love story mehendi. So, to ensure that you’re ready for these small but moments, we have found some mind-blowing nail art designs for you. From embellished to a basic french nail art design, we've covered it all for you to-be brides!

Best Nail Art Designs to Bookmark

Classic & Simple Nail Art

If you do not believe much in vanity, this nail art option is for you. Classic simple nail art consists of muted colours, simple designs, soothing vibes and whatnot. Basically, these nails blend very easily with your bridal outfits. If you don’t want to go the extra mile with your nails and simply want them to look neat, we recommend going with this kind of nail art. Scroll below to find the most classic options which you can bookmark for your upcoming wedding.

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Embellished Nail Arts Worth Bookmarking

While some to-be brides prefer classic and simple options when it gets to details, some want to go all out and make a statement. Introducing embellished nail art designs which are perfect for all you ladies who believe, ‘more is more'. From hot pink to basic whites, we have found top nail art design options for you to check out and take inspiration from!

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Check Out These Graphic Lines Art

A recent addition to nail art designs is graphic lines. Graphic lines are created on your base coat with silver or golden material which comes out to give a very nice look. This nail artwork really well for all those brides who are not a big fan of bling but don’t mind a little flash. If you’re going for more western outfits or even if you’re going with silver or golden lehengas, we recommend opting for this nail art design option!

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Swooning Over These Glitter Nails

Ladies, who doesn’t love glitter? Glitter in general is so cool that it automatically amps up wherever you apply it be it on your outfit or your nails. Presenting glitter nail art designs for all you to-be brides who know that your outfit is not going to be enough but it's the details that truly count. We have found some stunning nail art designs which would work be perfect for your upcoming wedding ceremony. Scroll below and see for yourself!

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Avoid All The Fuss & Go With A Nice Nailpaint

If you’re the sort of bride who gets nervous with just the thought of gel nails and getting fake nails put, we suggest that you do what makes you feel comfortable. Yes, ladies, you can always ditch the nail art and go with something super easy and simple such as applying basic nail paint. While you will miss out on the quirky designs, you can change the colours as per your different wedding functions while being super comfortable. Win-win indeed!


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Brides Check Out These Nail Art Designs For Your Upcoming Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Brides Check Out These Nail Art Designs For Your Upcoming Wedding