Bridal Mehndi Dos & Don'ts Every Bride-to-be Must Keep in Mind!

Anupriya Khanna, 06 Dec 2018

Whether it's about getting that pitch red Mehendi stain or picking the most unique mehendi design to adorn their hands with, brides of today are paying attention to their bridal mehndi in every which way. And why not? After all, those mehndi laden hands add a perfect dash of ethnicity to every Indian bride's wedding day look. Hence, it can never be taken too lightly!

And to make sure you too play your Bridal mehendi game just as strong as others, here we come to your rescue. While we've already bombarded you with loads and loads of simple & Arabic mehndi design ideas to pick from but looks like, that's not enough to get your bridal mehndi right. So, this time we thought of enlightening you with some serious Bridal Mehendi Dos and Don'ts. Go, give them a quick read and make sure you're abiding by them!

Bridal Mehndi Dos

1. Get your Mehendi applied a day before your mehendi function

You sure don’t want to miss out having some fun on your own mehendi ceremony. So, make it a point that you get your mehendi applied either a day prior to your mehendi function or maybe on the same morning of your mehendi ceremony. This way you will not only be able to enjoy your mehendi to the fullest but also have no regrets of sitting on the same chair for hours while you see your family & friends dance.

2. Make suitable arrangements beforehand

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If you don’t want to end up panicking at the last moment, ensure that you are equipping yourself with all the essentials already. Keep aside two pillows to rest your arms on while mehendi application. Arrange other necessary stuff like lemon & sugar mixture, cotton, eucalyptus oil, an old piece of cloth and some newspapers too.

3. Get done with your manicure and pedicure on time

The lesser you dip your mehendi laden hands & feet in the water, the darker will be the color of your mehendi. This is why it is always suggested to book your manicure and pedicure sittings at least 2-3 days before your mehendi ceremony.

4. Save mehendi designs that you like & show them to your mehendi wala

Just like your wedding outfits, do some thorough research for your mehendi design too. Skim through popular mehendi artists’ Instagram accounts and save some of your favorite mehendi designs. Show the best one to your mehendi artist and ask him to apply it on your palms.

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5. Be sure of your Mehendi artist's charges

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At times your mehendi artist doubles up the cost last minute just for that extra paisley motif or a caricature you ask him or her to include in your mehendi. Hence, it’s always better to confirm their rates & extra charges in advance to avoid any sort of confusion later.

6. Wear loose and easy-breezy clothes

Before beginning with your mehendi application, slip into some comfy clothes like a pair of shorts & a tank top or maybe some sleeveless dress. Make sure what you wear is breathable and doesn’t give any sort of discomfort to you as you might have to remain seated wearing the same clothes for good 4-5 hours.

7. Let your mehendi dry naturally

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While sitting under the sun or using a blow dryer can always help in drying your henna faster but it is always best to allow the mehendi on your hands to dry naturally. Especially when you know that the natural process can help you get darker stains, you should definitely take this into consideration.


Bridal Mehndi Don'ts

1. Don’t moisturize your hands before mehendi application

Applying a moisturizer or a day cream on your hands right before getting them etched with henna can rid you of getting the desired result. Moisturizers act as a hindrance between your skin and henna and lessen the absorption process. 

2. Don’t sit in a crowded place during Mehendi application

Since you’re the bride, it is obvious that you’ll always be surrounded by friends and family members throughout your wedding festivities. But make it a point that you don’t surround yourself with too many people while you are getting your mehendi applied. Too many people mean too many minds! Also, what if someone bumps into your hands mistakenly? 

3. Don’t keep your hair open

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If you don’t want your hair to end up falling over your mehendi laden hands & ruin the design, tie them with a rubber tie or roll them into a bun while your mehendi artist is at it.

4. Don’t drink too much water

You won’t be able to make frequent visits to the loo once your mehendi artist begins with the mehendi application. So, avoid drinking too much water and only take a few sips in case you feel too thirsty.

5. Don’t plan any other function on your Mehendi day

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The Mehendi application process coupled with all the fun and madness is already going to be quite an exhaustive one for you. Which is why it would be great if you don’t plan any other function or ceremony just after it.

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6. Don't miss out on your Mehendi photos (*Most Imp*)

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You just can't take your mehendi photos for granted. Try different poses and props to get your Mehendi photos on point. Let your photographer get creative and make the most of it. 


Swear by these important points and let your Mehendi artist do the rest!