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8 Makeup Myths every Bride Needs to Dump Right Away!

Ayesha Kohli, 04 Sep 2019

A lot has been said about how a bride should go about with regard to her makeup look(s) or what is wrong or right. But being the bride you cannot afford to believe anything and everything. Down below we have busted some common makeup myths that every bride-to-be should know about. So Brides-to-be take a cue from these common misconceptions and look the best all throughout your wedding shenanigans!

Makeup Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Away!  

Myth #1: Wearing makeup on a daily basis harms your skin 

There is nothing wrong, I repeat, nothing wrong in wearing makeup every day! If you are a new bride or a to-be-bride you need to look your best at all times, it is perfectly okay to wear makeup as long as you are not using old products and aren't cheating on your skincare regime (if you know what I mean: removing your makeup properly and timely!)

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Myth #2: You can avoid washing makeup brushes if you’re the only person who uses the makeup 

Your makeup brushes are exposed to a great number of products and surfaces. The longer you avoid washing them, the more bacteria will accumulate in their fibres... Ew! This can not only lead to skin diseases and no bride/ to be bride would want any skin diseases on their pretty faces!

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Myth #3: If you dip a mascara wand into the tube several times, you can get rid of lumps and there will be more product on your wand.

Ladies, this must stop right away! Pumping your mascara wand several times will not give you thicker lashes or more products but in fact, create a clumpy look. This is because if the air entering into the tube which ultimately dries out your mascara!

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Myth #4: Glitter/Shimmer will make you look gaudy

You are the bride! You want to look extra radiant and striking as a bride. Use creams powders and lotions containing fine glitter particles are excellent for an extra radiant look as a bride. Having said that be careful while applying these shimmer products as they are really pigmented and less is more!

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Myth #5: Match foundation to your wrist or your hand

Ladies, don't be fooled anymore! We all have the struggle of finding the correct foundation match but it makes no sense in testing the foundation by swatching it on your wrist or hand because the skin tone will obviously vary from your face (Hello Sun exposure!). For best results, it is important to test for colour accuracy on your jawline in natural light on clean skin; this will ensure your foundation is the perfect shade for your complexion.

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Myth #6: Red Lipstick cannot be carried well by everyone and should not be worn on your D-Day!

A self-assumed myth by many of us which needs to be busted right away! Anyone can rock red lipstick and look stunning. Only Tip: Remember to pick out the right kinda red according to your skin tone. You will look stunning on your day if its a match!

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Myth #7: Pick A foundation that is lighter than your skin and you’ll look fairer in your photos!

Foundation is a makeup product that evens out the skin. But people think being fair is the ultimate goal in order to look flawless and perfect. Absolutely NO! If you apply a lighter foundation than your actual skin tone it will look ashy and grey which obviously will not look good in your photos too.

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Myth #8: Bold lip & eye makeup as a combo is off-limits. They make you look old!

Contrary to popular belief you may have heard, brides can actually rock a bright lip and eye makeup look on the big day. The only two real rules to follow when going with bold lipstick on your wedding day: Use a stain so it's less likely to rub off during the function and make sure it has a blue undertone to it (so your teeth look extra white!).

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Do you know of any other makeup myths? Tell us in the comments!