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Bridal Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists Reveal: Pink Lipstick Shades A Bride-To-Be Must Try

Bhavika Vallecha, 04 Oct 2017

The struggle is real when you are a pink lipstick lover and you find it difficult to choose other colours over your regular pink.I think pink lips are evergreen and will never go out of fashion, also they are very versatile and unites with most of...

Bridal Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists Reveal: Must Have Red Lipsticks In Your Makeup Trousseau

Bhavika Vallecha, 28 Sep 2017

Attention ladies! Especially the red lipstick fanatics.But even if you’re not one, we are sure you are soon going to be, because (hello!) red lipsticks are love. And when you are the bride-to-be or a newlywed, you should make red lips your first p...

Bridal Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists Reveal: One Must Have Foundation In Your Makeup Trousseau 

Bhavika Vallecha, 27 Sep 2017

The time I realised the importance of having a sober knowledge of foundations was when my sister was getting married.Being the sister of the to-be-bride, it’s important for you to have a basic knowledge of foundations and makeup, in general, to be...

Bridal Makeup Artists

Emergency kit for brides on their Wedding Day By Makeup Artist Kriti DS

Neha Garg, 15 Dec 2015

We all know how much it takes to plan a wedding. We work for weeks and months for this one day of our life and want that to be just perfect. From our outfits to jewelry to shoes, everything should be just faultless. When the big day finally arrive...


Bridal Makeup Artists

From Practicing Law to Beautifying Women: A Look at Makeup Artist Parul Garg’s Incredible Journey

Neha Garg, 09 Oct 2015

In an industry where trends evolve daily and newer, crazier products stock the beauty shelves, makeup artist Parul Garg steers clear of the drifts and inclinations, letting only her heart and instincts take over. The end result? Each bride loo...

Bridal Makeup Artists

“You Don’t Need a Lot of Makeup to Feel Great”: Interview with Delhi-based Makeup Artist Chandni ...

Neha Garg, 28 Aug 2015

One of Delhi’s most sought-after makeup artists, Chandni Singh has worked with elite magazine brands such as Elle and Marie Claire, and delivered her services to renowned brands like Coca Cola, Nescafe, and Barista. Her clients can’t get enough of...

Bridal Makeup Artists

10 Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Chennai: They Know What Perfection Is To You On Your Wedding Day!

ShaadiSaga, 20 Aug 2015

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret” STUCK in a droning runnel with your makeup? Looking for some inspiration to spice up your look? Shaadisaga has the details for the best Makeup Artist in Ch...

Bridal Makeup Artists

The Mumbai Makeup Expert Sunita Divecha Talks About The Changing Wedding Trends Over The Years!

Neha Garg, 31 Jul 2015

Makeup artists are the wizards of the beauty industry. It’s amazing how, with a few brush strokes, they can transform something ordinary into extraordinary. Yes, there’s beauty in loving yourself the way you are. But hey, why shy away from enhan...

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Bridal Makeup Artists

Getting Candid With Sakshi Sood, Makeup Artist Behind Shahid Kapoor - Mira Rajput Wedding

Divya Bhasin, 17 Jul 2015

Sakshi Sood is a very talented makeup artist, she has recently done Makeup for Shahid’s family at Shahid’s wedding ceremonies. She makes every woman look beautiful and helps them bring out their charm with the capability to give them undivided ...

Bridal Makeup Artists

20 Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Bangalore, Who Are Talented, Creative And Know Perfection To Ever...

ShaadiSaga, 19 Jun 2015

“An Artist is not paid for his/her labor, but for his/her vision” – James Whistler. It’s the wedding season again, and it’s a busy time for to-be brides, because they are actively doing shopping. So, we want to make it easier for brides to find th...

Bridal Makeup Artists

20 Best Bridal Make Up Artist In Mumbai, Who Knows What It Takes To Be The Best!!

ShaadiSaga, 26 May 2015

For all the beautiful “to-be-brides”, we know finding a perfect makeup artist for your big day is not an easy task. You don't want to look too made up nor do you wish to be like all the others. So to add that extra oomph factor to your look you ne...

Bridal Makeup Artists

Video Tutorial: Golden Smoky Eye Make-Up by Ekta Bakshi

Ekta Bakshi, 09 Apr 2015

This makeup tutorial by Makeup artist Ekta Bakshi, shows a look for Sangeet/Mehendi ceremonies. Ekta makes elegant use of gold and black on the eyes and winged eyeliner to achieve a very traditional Indian look. See how you can get this look follo...