Eye-Catching Hair Accessories To Add To Your Trousseau For Your #IntimateWedding!

Shivani Singh, 28 Jun 2020

When you're the bride, you get all the attention in the room. All eyes are on you and nothing you wear (or don't wear) goes unnoticed, not even your hair accessories. However, with the current situation, it's not that easy to just stroll out into the local market and grab all the things you need to amp up your bridal look for your #IntimateWedding.  

Hair accessories are a great means of bringing your entire bridal look together, especially if you choose to wear simple jewellery and outfits. In fact, whether you’re a bohemian, modern, or a traditional bride, hair accessories are a category not to be overlooked, they’re basically jewellery for your hair. And, what’s not to love about them?

While some brides put their faith into flowers like Anushka Sharma, others look our for more artificial accessories to make them stand out in the crowd. Irrespective of the category you fall into, as a bride-to-be, there is a hair accessory for you that will sit on your head like a queen's much-deserved crown!

Bridal Hair Accessories For Brides-To-Be

Gold Hair Accessories

One of the most exquisite accessories to adorn a bride's hair are made in gold. While gold jewellery is royal in every way, adding even the tiniest of gold hair accessory to your intimate wedding ensemble can take the look up a few notches. Here are a few gold hair accessories for both tied hair, buns and open hair that would look superb on a bride. 

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Pearl Embedded Hair Accessories

While diamonds are a lady's best friend, pearls are precious in every way possible. For classic brides, a headband, comb, or tiara with pearls is timeless and chic and always pairs nicely with hair of all lengths.  In fact, hairpins with various sizes of pearl are also something in fashion these days. So, if you're looking for something pearly and shiny, then check out these options!

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Silver & Stylish Hair Accessories

One of the most stylish yet traditional forms of hair accessories come in the base material of silver and oxidised silver metal. They're boho yet chic and honestly, go well with almost any kind of outfit in any kind of colour. Here are a few unique silver hair accessories that are ideal for brides. 

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Rakodi As Hair Accessory For Brides

Rakodis are hair rings which South Indian brides wear with pride. As far as bridal hair accessories go, Raakodis hold an important place. Traditionally, precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, emerald, polka and Kundan were used to make these rings. However, these days, Raakodis also come in meenakari designs that sit perfectly between braids and hair buns. 

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Contemporary Hair Accessories

For the new-age bride, these kinds of hair accessories are quiet in trend. Whether it's a fabulous crown that sits atop your head, or shell embued accessories that can cling onto even open hair, contemporary hair accessories are jazzy. If you're a bride looking to amp up your look with some in vogue designs, then contemporary hair accessories are perfect for you!

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