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19 Bridal Entry Photos with Siblings that'll make your Hearts Flutter

Divya Arora, 05 Jun 2019

Daydreaming about herself walking down the aisle looking like a dream in her bridal aura is basically every woman ever. And especially if you're a bride to be, we understand how you obviously would be visualizing and planning your stunning bridal entry for days on end until you stumble upon the perfect one.

Right from choosing the best bridal entry song and picking your favorite bridal entry idea to decide with whom you're going to make your way to the stage, every bit of your entry needs planning and justly! Especially the "whom you're going to walk down the aisle with" part! It's one of the most special moments of your wedding and it is only fitting that you choose to make that walk with someone who your heart wants. Be it your parents, your significant other, your bridesmaids or your siblings for that matter.

Like we earlier curated a blog on brides walking down the aisle with their parents and brides making stellar couple entries, this time around we've fished out some adorable photos of brides entering with their siblings and these photos are one joyous ride that you'd be taking RN. So hop along as we take you through these overwhelming moments captured perfectly.

Adorable Photos of Brides Walking Down the Aisle with their Siblings

1. This bride's twin brother walked her down the aisle in a beauteous umbrella phoolon ki chaadar with a veil and it's so surreal.

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2. Walk down with your little sissy!

3. This bride entered while dancing with her brother and it looks all fun!

4. What an aesthetically gorgeous picture!

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5. Hop on that boat with your sis and bridesmaids for a quirky and offbeat bridal entry.

6. Isn't that sibling goals?

7. We love how this bride went all out there and entered not just with her sister but her parents too.

8. If this isn't the cutest and most adorable bridal entry we don't know what is!

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9. The charm of the classic 'brothers holding the phoolon ki chaadar' entry is unmatched.

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10. Looking like a vision in red, the bride walks down the aisle with her brother in the most simplistic fashion.

11. Get onto that golf cart with your sibling for a fun and merry bridal entry.

12. Have your brother ride you to your wedding on a bike!

13. Gang up ladies with all your siblings for an unforgettable bridal entry.

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14. Why just walk down the aisle with one hero when you can with two!

15. Yet another quirky ride for your brother to take you down that aisle!


How adorable were these photos, right?