Layer It Up: 19 Choker & Lada Jewellery Combos To Die For!

Shivani Singh, 05 Aug 2020

Among the rising love for chokers, gulbands, rani haars and bespoke lada haars, there is one trend we've repeatedly seen brides slay in, which is the art and aesthetics of combing neck cinching chokers and satlada and panchlada haars. While Chokers have been around for centuries, satladas are of Nawabi heritage, and the combination of both in a bridal ensemble is a classic which is hard to ignore. And this trend has definitely seen a positive evolution over the ages.

While designers have always surprised us with chokers this multi-layered haar has evolved beyond its original body made of 465 pearls into being made of kundans, stones, emeralds etc. However, irrespective of the form of the haar and the choker necklace, when paired together, the combination looks stunning. A bride that chooses to adorn herself in this combination glistens underneath the unearthly glow of these bridal jewellery pieces. And when such cosmic powers are at play, honestly who are we to complain? 

So, to help all the future brides pin down some statement worthy jewellery looks, here is a collection of choker paired with panch & satlada haars. Dive down and bookmark your pick! 📿😍

Latest Choker & Lada Haar Combos For Brides

Long layered panchlada paired with a dainty choker

This bride's long layered panchlada paired with a dainty choker made of kundans and stones is a true beauty.

Dainty gold choker with pearl lada haar

If your idea of mix-matching jewellery equals adorning yourself from head to toe, then this bride is the right inspo for you!

Pretty satlada haar with green stones

This bride's gorgeous satlada with green stones and Kundan and emerald studded choker is just pure stunning. Also, don't forget to bookmark these dazzling bridal green jewellery for your wedding

Unique satlada and choker combination with off white pearls

This satlada and choker combination with the huge off white pearls on the choker is a sight to behold. 

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A full-on pearl galore with crescent-shaped pendants

If this isn't a full-on pearl galore with chaand shaped pendants then we don't know what is!

Source Hazoorilal

OTT satlada and the choker with huge kundans and petite green stones

This bride's OTT satlada and the choker is a gorgeous combination of huge kundans and petite green stones & we can't keep our eyes off of her!

Beautiful contemporary panchlada for your sangeet and cocktail night 

This contemporary panchlada and dainty polki and gold choker combo probably a 'Sangeet night look' we're all waiting for brides to try.

Source Prerto

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Pearl lada haar with a pretty diamond choker 

Planning to pair your diamond choker with something extra? Then go in for a satlada haar to add more elegance.

Sabyasachi's jaw-dropping combination is worth pinning down! 

If you're looking for a jaw-dropping combination of various jewels, then turn to Sabyasachi's magnificent jewellery collection!

Bridal Choker and Lada haar with cute little emerald droplets 

Who doesn't love regal synchronicity? Especially when it's in the form of a polki choker with emerald droplets and Lada haar with matching pendants!

Source Prerto

Traditional lada and choker set with your red bridal outfit 

Isn't this bride enchanting!? Yet another example of a dainty diamond choker with a satlada haar that amplifies the grace of her red outfit. 

A combo that is studded with aventurine gemstone jewellery

Some layered haars don't need pearls. These bride's Kundan and aventurine gemstone jewellery are a sublime example of such. 

A satlada with an Aadh choker is surely a combination worth trying

Brides! A satlada with an aadh choker is surely a combination worth trying for a wedding function!

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A polki and pearl panchlada with jade and polki choker is delightful!

A jade and polki choker with a polki and pearl panchlada is a purely delightful sight to behold. 

This pink's double-layered choker and panchlada are simply Wow!

This beautiful bride in pink's double-layered choker and panchlada combo has us whipped!

Bookmark this dainty multicoloured combo with heavy pendants 

That multicoloured gemstone choker with layered haar and heavy pendants looks temptingly brilliant and deserves to be bookmarked.

Source Nameera

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