Bollywood Dance Class On Makhna With Kamna Arora - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 01 May 2020

Credits: Kamna AroraYSDC Wedding Choreography

Dance is such a surreal form of self-expression. And let's be frank, no wedding season is complete without some quintessential latke and jhatke. Unfortunately, instead of busting our rad moves on the dance floor of a wedding's sangeet, we're stuck in our homes, waiting out this virus outbreak. But it's going to take more than just the coronavirus outbreak to calm our spirits. So, to utilise our energies in something more constructive, we're back with another session of our #SSQurantineSessions. This time, it's a fun dance choreography session with Kamna Arora!

A Bollywood Dance Session With Kamna Arora

Source Kamna Arora

Kamna Arora is the Co-Founder & Director: YSDC Wedding Choreography and YellowStripe Dance Co. With roots set in the National Capital, Kamna Arora's dance choreography company has been in the wedding business for a while now, creating seamless dance experiences for couples and their families. While their team is excellent in every form of dance, they specialise in Bollywood, Classical, Contemporary, Salsa, and Jazz dance forms. 

Kamna is a renowned dancer and choreographer herself, who is known to be very enthusiastic with the ability to make everyone and anyone dance. So, with her taking over our live session this time, we were sure that this dancing session would be fun and creative. For this live session, Kamna decided to teach the viewers a short and easy choreography on the highly requested song, Makhna (from the Netflix flick, Drive). The steps were not just easy to follow, but very crisp and upbeat when combined with the music. Check out the video below to see how to dance to one of the most hep songs of this season with Kamna Arora!

We hope you enjoyed this dance session and also that you learned something exciting and new this time. Now put on your dance shoes and retrace those steps to perfection on your sangeet. Keep learning new things to make this lockdown as fun and engaging as possible!

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