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#BollyInspiration: 8Fabulous Mother-of-the-Bride Looks to Steal from B-Town Moms

Veethi Telang, 07 Jan 2016

Got a mother-daughter Bollywood fanaticism running in the house? It’s time you put it to good use! Perhaps, the second person (after the bride, of course) whose style everyone’s looking forward to during a wedding is the mother of the bride. And, if yours is one Bollywood-savvy mum, leave no stone unturned in choosing the classiest outfit for her that brings out her best features! To help you out in your choice, here we go with 8 of the most fashionable B-town ladies that have, over the years, charmed us with their ageless fashion. So, take your pick, and get styling!

1. Dimple Kapadia’s elegant beige suits and sarees


Her outfits come later – gosh, look at that hair! The gorgeous B-town (grand) mum is known for her classy beiges, creams, and golds that are never going out of style. Seldom do you see her donning gaudy shades, which is exactly the point we’re trying to make. Shaadisaga Tip: Pick an elegant neutral fabric and have intricate work done on it to make the suit and dupatta look extremely rich-scale.

2. Raveena Tandon’s edgy style with striking makeup

But, if humdrum neutrals are not quite your mommy’s style, take cues from Raveena, who always dresses to slay the onlookers. Whether it’s her choices in fabrics, blouse cuts, and even makeup, Raveena sure knows how to rock the traditionals for the festivities. Shaadisaga Tip: If your mum’s got a great figure, go all out with sleeveless blouses and quirky print sarees! No harm in flaunting some killer traditional looks, now, is there?

3. Hema Malini’s subtle, breezy looks


If there’s one celebrity mom in this list that really offers the perfect dose of beauty and grace, it’s HemaMalini! Her effortlessly elegant sarees truly make us wonder if it’s really that easy to pull them off with immense charm (spoiler: it’s not!). Shaadisaga Tip: To emanate her style, keep things subtle and fuss-free by opting for lighter silhouettes that don’t scream for attention. All you need is the poise to leave a long-lasting impression!

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4. Tabu’s minimalistic style picks


Tabu’s all for keeping it simple, and more importantly, youthful! We mean, who’s to say this gorgeous tinsel-town starlet is in her mid-forties? Her choice of the traditionals, always veer towards singular solid colors that are never accessorized unnecessarily. What’s more, she sure knows how to use her height the right way! Here’s to keeping it stylish without drowning in heavy jewelry! Shaadisaga Tip: Whether for sarees, suits or long kurtas, pick up rich fabrics such as silk or banarasi in striking colors that require minimal addition of adornments.

5. Rekha’s timeless Kanjeevaramsarees

And, of course, talking of rich fabrics, we dare not keep the mighty kanjeevaram aside! Rekha’s style hasn’t changed over the years, and from what we’ve seen so far, we’re somewhat okay with it. Nothing like a sheeny golden kanjeevaram saree to ensure a second glance, right? Shaadisaga Tip: Kanjeevaramas a fabric is pretty eye-catching in itself, and so, you don’t want to go overboard with jewelry. Just some bangles and a light pair of earrings does the trick. Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize your bun with a gajra!

6. Neetu Kapoor’s contemporary silhouettes


Calling all modish mums! Cropped pants with kurtas, suits sans dupattas, and short, open hairdos! How’s that for mother-of-the-bride fashion now? Neetu Kapoor exudes oodles of poise in her contemporary outfits, which are perfect for all the mothers out there who don’t want to jump the super-traditional wagon just yet! Shaadisaga Tip: It’s all in the hair, ladies! Go for a fabulous short haircut with classy highlights and opt for some cheerful colors for wedding outfits to emanate Neetu’s style.

7. Sri Devi’s “Put-togetherness”

Sridevi 1

Her panache can put the hottest B-town starlets to shame! Sri Devi’s allure is all in the way she carries her sarees, most of which are often vibrant, heavily-embellished, and very, very rich-scale. That, and her pretty smile! Often spotted wearing sheer sarees with sparkling embroidery, Sri Devi’s style is no short of elegant. Shaadisaga Tip: In case of heavily-embellished sarees, keep the jewelry to a minimum. Also, style your hair into a graceful bun to maintain the overall balance of your look!

8. Sonali Bendre’s off-beat ensembles

Sonali 1

Here’s Sonali teaching the women of the world to rock off-beat cholis and blouses with utmost elegance! Whether it’s puffed sleeves, high necks, or even three-fourth sleeves, Sonali always looks charming and oh-so-young! Is it the hair? Is it her beautiful figure? Well, whatever it is, we’re always up for some major inspiration! Shaadisaga Tip: Should you wish to carry off wacky blouses, choose a lighter saree and even lighter jewelry. Let the blouse be the center of attraction!