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BFF’s Getting Married? Here’s Your Checklist To Be The Ultimate Bridesmaid!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 13 Dec 2016

Matches are made in heaven and so are bridesmaids. Don’t you agree? Sisters, BFFs, whoever they are, they are just the perfect blend of everything right and you can always count on her. You want to share something? There she is. You want somebody to fix your lehenga? There she is. You want somebody to steal some snacks for you? There she is. The wedding day is nothing less than a big project for the bridesmaids too! In fact her responsibilities start way before the wedding day.

So dear bride, we know that even after trying your best, sometimes you end up missing out on something or the other. And believe me, it’s not even your fault. In this whole clutter of wedding planning, we understand that you have to deal with a lot. So that's why we decided to make things simpler for you by this Bridesmaid Checklist that you can simply hand over to your friends the moment you get hitched!

And bridesmaids, just go step by step, check and double check with the list for your BFF'S or sister’s big day:

Getting Married?

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Throw her an awesomesauce Bachelorette!: Didn’t you plan this in high school already?

Help distribute cards: Are you counting on the parents for card distribution? Make sure that you distribute cards to her friends. This will make the card distribution a little less formal and more relaxed.

Pre-Wedding Shopping: Sure the poor bride doesn’t want to haunt the streets of Chandni Chowk alone.

Assist her with lingerie shopping: Oh come on girls! Be a little sporty.

Help her plan her Honeymoon: This doesn’t stop at suggesting her a place but helping her with paperwork for application of visa, passport, tickets, books etc.

Keep updated on Wedding Day Time Table: Consider it as one of your prime duties. You definitely don’t want to misguide your bride or yourself. A well researched bridesmaid is nothing less than a warrior.

Getting Married?

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Help her pack the Bride to Wife Bag: Packing is never easy for any of us, especially for the bride-to-be. So girly, what are you waiting for? Help her decide and categorise her stuff.

Go to the parlour with her: Be it for her bridal mehandi or bridal makeup or even for trials. Never leave her alone. In the meantime get your hair spa, nail spa or facial done so that you don’t get bored. Or just grab a book till the time your bestie gets ready!

Song Checklist: Sure every bride has her personal favourite wedding songs. Be her bestie and make sure you make a list of them and give them all in a pen drive to the DJ. Also, are you working on the entrance song?

Themed bridesmaid outfit: Coordinate your clothes or colour-coordinate to show off your Girl Gang! We all know this will never be out of fashion.

Keep a track of the Groom’s side too: Keep in touch with one of the Groom’s Best men. This will help you to keep on the same page and would help you answer the most important question, “What time would the Baraat arrive?”

Keep her phone and track calls: Hand her cellphone only if it is important. She definitely got no time to talk to customer cares.

Help her pee: Pee-ing with a 12kg lehenga is certainly not a cakewalk.

Keep her Phoolon ki Chaadar ready: Even though this is the duty of bride's brother but nobody likes the last minute runs. Keep it ready way before in advance. Or at least remind the brothers!

A pair of back up flats: Running around in heels is never easy. So as the day passes by, your feet will surely yearn for flats. So keep a pair of flats for yourself and for the bride too. Believe me, they will come handy.

Running Errands: Grab her a snack, keep yourself around when she is on stage (just in case she needs something)

Getting Married?

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Take a deep breath: We understand that your responsibilities are almost never ending on the day of your Bestie’s wedding. But honey, starving or dehydrating yourself is never going to make the task easy. So, do remember to relax a bit in between.

Get dressed before the bride!: After all, you don’t want to steal the bride’s thunder.

And most importantly, get clicked: Of course, you want to make memories!

Double checked with our list, eh? See, it’s not all that difficult. All you need is a little planning in advance and that is what we are here for. These points will make sure that you leave no stone unturned as a bridesmaid. If you are a bride-to-be, then don’t forget to share the details with your sweetheart!

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