Best of 2017: Beautiful & Trendy Matha Pattis Real Brides Wore

ShaadiSaga, 29 Dec 2017

2017 has been all about setting the right trend; picking traditional stuff and carrying them in the most unconventional way possible. Whether we talk in terms of outfits, decor or jewellery, 2017 made an attempt to use the beauty of classics with a touch of modernity and elegance. 

Mathapattis, an age-old adornment was, is and will always be a quintessential part of Indian wedding jewellery. As much as we love chokers or naths, matha pattis too have a never-ending impact on us. We spotted real brides wear the most exquisite matha pattis on their wedding and how can we not share it with you. 

So, get scrolling!

#1 Borla with a Twist

#2 Trinkets Galore

#3 Leafy Love 

#4 Double-Layered Drama

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#5 Some Polki Ardour 

#6 Exquisite Kundan

#7 With Dainty Pearl String

#8 South Indian Charm

#9 Multi-layered strands

#10 Gold Rockstar

#11 Traditional Elegance

#12 With an Oversized Mangtikka 

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#13 With Huge Pearl Droplets

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#14 The Broad Beauty 

#15 Just cuz' Anushka Got Us So Obsessed

#16 Something as Unique as This!

Source Pakkhi

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