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Best of 2016: The Coolest Offbeat Decor Ideas That We Saw This Year!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 28 Dec 2016

Oh boy, I have to admit that I was quite impressed with the 2016 wedding décor scenario. Hats off to the creative designers for being so innovative and churning up some of the most amazing wedding décor ideas. Who would have possibly imagined using kites as table mats, upside down umbrellas or buckets painted in pop shades as resourceful décor ideas? And voila, the decor looked every bit gorgeous! Well, as it’s time to say goodbye to 2016, I do have a wrap up of the coolest offbeat décor ideas that we witnessed this year. I can also promise you that you are going to LOVEEE it!  

All you need for this offbeat decor is to empty your swimming pool (if you have one); arrange a couple of low lounge seaters, throw in a few bolsters and cushions and you are set for a perfect open lounge set up.    

Image Credits: Devika Narain

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All you need is an upside down nice (dry) bath tub and a few pop shade pillows for this mind-blowing out-of-the-box decor idea.

Image Credits: Altair

These tyre seaters are not only comfy but also funky at the same time. Go ahead try it out!

Image Credits: Inen Limited

Who could have thought of a peacock that is entirely handcrafted with tiny pieces of mirror? This decor idea totally rocks and enhances the look of the bar set up to a different level altogether.

Image Credits: Devika Narain

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These ghungrus hanging in between the marigolds add just the right touch to a traditional decor.

Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography

  You can always light up your wedding occasion with these cute LED love lights. 

Image Credits: It's an Affair

You can always have your rose/orchid petals stuffed in cute paper cones instead of keeping petals in regular thaalis

Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla

Look at this honeycomb photobooth! Perfect for a Boho themed wedding party!

Image Credits: Neel Bhupathi Photography

Don't even think twice to have this perfect drink station as an offbeat decor which by the way is just ideal for a day wedding. 

Image Credits: Shaadi Squad

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Look at this cute Tic Tac Toe!!! Just perfect for a fun wedding day affair to keep your guests entertained!

Image Credits: The Lightsmiths

The set up of these pretty pictures of one's close and dear ones is just the perfect way to show the love for family.

Image Credits: The Lightsmiths

Featured Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla

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