Best of 2016: Stunning Jewellery Moments That We Couldn't Stop Swooning Over!

Sanchita Kalra, 30 Dec 2016

This year was all about larger-than-life statement jewellery (along with a bit of vintage touch). Right from oversized rings to hottest neckpiece designs to customised kalire, we witnessed it all! So, if you want to make your bridal look pop a little more, take some inspiration from the hottest jewellery trends we spotted in 2016. These accessories will make just as much of an impact!

#1 Satlada
This neckpiece from our grandma's trunk made a major comeback this year! Read more here.


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Image Credits: Fotowalle (L) and Bhumi & Simran Photography (R)

#2 Haath phool
Tired of wearing a bracelet and ring separately? Go for a haath phool!


Image Credits: Fotowalle

Image Credits: Morvi Images

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#3 Gota Jewellery
It's time to ditch the floral jewellery and move on to gota jewellery! 

Image Credits: Floral Art By Srishti

Image Credits: Dot Dusk Studios

#4 Unique Kalire Designs
From kalires made of silver, metal, dry fruits, coconuts, shells, tassels, pink roses, feathers (oh, the list has just started...), moonstones, pom-poms, there are a lot of choices! Read more here.


Image Credits: Delhi Velvet (L) and Anup J Kat (R) 

#5 Temple Jewellery
Who said temple jewellery is a thing only for South Indian brides? 


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Image Credits: Mahesh Shantaram

#6 Matha patti
Skip the maang tikka. This year was all about elaborate matha patti's! Read more here.


Image Credits: Romesh Dhamija Productions (L) and Bhumi & Simran Photography

#7 And the trend of oversized everything!
- Oversized noserings


Image Credits: Cupcake Productions

- Oversized vintage rings


Image Credits: Pooja Joseph Photography (L) and Bhumi & Simran Photography (R)

Featured Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Got more favourite pieces from 2016? Let us know in the comments below!