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Best of 2016: Real Brides Who Wore The Most Beautiful Red Lehengas!

Sanchita Kalra, 31 Dec 2016

Even though we have seen a lot of brides moving from the colour red to offbeat colours for their bridal attire but let us admit that the colour red on brides makes our heart skip a beat! Red is the colour most associated with brides...Don't believe me? Shut your eyes and think of a bride...What is she wearing? A red lehenga, right! (See, I told ya). So, coming back to today's blog also which happens to be the last blog of the year 2016, we have rounded up our favourite brides who wore red lehengas!


Image Credits: Anupa Shah Photography (L) and Arjun Kartha Photography (R)


Image Credits: Happy Frames (L) and NYNJ Photography (R)

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Image Credits: Wedding Nama (L) and Bhumika Sharma Official (R)


Image Credits: Banga Studios (L) and Jodi Clickers (R)


Image Credits: Sabyasachi Official Instagram 

Which lehenga did you like the most? Tell us below!