A Guide For You To Choose The Best Nath According To Your Face Shape!

Rashmi Jayara, 19 Dec 2019

Imagine, wearing a designer lehenga with top-notch hairdo and dazzling makeup. But just because of your wrong jewellery selection, you spoilt your wedding day look. That would be a nightmare no? But fret not ladies, because we are here to help you. Jewellery plays a crucial role in any bride’s day. From statement neckpieces to sparkling earrings, everything should be on point. And similarly, our traditional nath should complement our whole wedding look too.

As we have mentioned earlier, that your face shape plays a major role. So if you are thinking of wearing a gigantic nath while having a round face, that can turn into a disaster. So to ease up your life, we have brought the latest nath designs according to your face shape. 

Latest Nath Designs For Every Face Shape

1. Diamond Shape

If you have a diamond-cut face shape, go for a medium-sized nath. Either go for half embellished kundan work or simple ones. 

Source JD Arts

2. Round Shape

Minimal naths with less work will look good on a round face. And if you like embellishments, go for small-sized naths. 

Source Safarnama

3. Square Shape

Half-embellished nath will look gorgeous on the square-shaped face. And in case you want to keep it minimal, you can for large size but with no work. 

Source Cam Catches

4. Oval Shape

Massive naths will add grace on the oval-shaped face. Experiment with different types of embellishments to add some elegance. 

Source Zareen Bala
Source Pinterest

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