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Best International Destinations For A Road Trip Honeymoon (Plus Travel Tips)

Sanchita Sehgal, 08 Jan 2018

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When most newly married couples are planning their honeymoon, they want to explore wide-reaching destinations and are considering hopping on-road drives rather than taking back to back tiring flights. Preferring road trip above other means can be less upsetting, more wallet-friendly and most important is utterly romantic. Plus, it's also an opportunity to explore cities and places you have always dreamt of visiting. So before you start looking at whooping airfare rates, here are four international road trips worth giving a chance for your most unforgettable trip of your life.

California's Pacific Coast Highway

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Driving this supreme stretch of interstate would surely make for an epic honeymoon.Usually, couples prefer to travel it in a day but we suggest taking your time and enjoy the marvelous scenic beauty.Couples who love adventure can camp in Big Sur and the romantic couples can Continue their way to visit the wineries in the town of Solvang and stop for a tour of beautiful yet ancient Santa Barbara. An advice: If you are taking this road trip, definitely hire a pen or a convertible car.

Best Time To Visit: From July to October

Kaikoura Coast, New Zealand

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This amazing road trip that starts at Picton and ends at Christchurch will leave you astounded. The distance is pleasing for eyes as well as the heart. The best part about this is you can spot whales, dolphins, and albatross and you can also stop by at the finest wineries of New Zealand. If you're lucky enough, you can get to see kiwi at the illustrious reserve in Christchurch.

Best Time To Visit: From December to April

B9 Road, Mauritius

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The romantic road trip from Le Morne to  Souillac is absolutely breathtaking.Weaving through Baie-du-Cap, it then proceeds to an eye-popping U-bend, an illustrious yet edgy viewpoint at Macondé Rock, before reaching sandy Saint Martin and Bel Ombre’s beachy atmosphere. The best part is yet to discover when you will reach at one of the most serene beaches of Mauritius i.e. St Félix, Riambel and dramatic Gris Gris where you can enjoy different water sports and a nice romantic candlelight dinner. This drive is as colorful as all the couples wish for their new start.

Best Time To Visit: From May to December

Gulf Coast Road Trip

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From Florida to Mississippi, the Gulf Coast is not only a magnificent and admirable spot for a beach vacation but a vital ecosystem that’s home to thousands of sea turtles, seabirds, and other wild creatures. It's a long yet romantic one and a must have for the newly married couples to brim some excitement.

Best Time To Visit: From November to May

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